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ABI is a true American company, born out of American ingenuity when President Kevin Keigley, using his knowledge from decades in the landscaping industry, invented the TR3 Rake. Out of that seed, we've grown a company built around the principles of innovation, integrity, and service.
To us, an innovative tool isn't worth building or selling unless it helps our customers get their work done better and easier, every day, for years to come.
Core Principles
1.  Our innovative tools are designed &
built to work for you, every single day.
2.  We believe that trust is earned when we act with a heart of service, provide true value, & seek to improve lives.
3.  We believe that true customer service benefits all parties' lives, not just the bottom line.
We Do Things Differently
We guarantee that our signature products will do what we say they will. We design & build our tools to work differently and work better-saving you time, effort, and money. We're confident that you'll find your work done better and quicker by an innovative ABI product. If it isn't, we'll take it back! Click for more details >>>
Manufactured In USA
ABI knows the importance of a job done right. Since we build tools to work hard and wear hard, we know the importance of top-notch manufacturing and construction. Our signature tools are designed by American minds, rigorously tested, welded by American hands, finished with architectural-grade powder coat, and shipped directly to you, where we're confident they'll be working hard for years and years!
Direct To Property Shipping
ABI sells and ships products directly to the customer, with no dealers or middle men to additionally markup prices or offer less-than-satisfactory service & product knowledge. When you call, you'll be taken care of by one of our well-trained product specialists-each with a wealth of product & industry knowledge. This lets us take the time to understand your specific needs and find the best tool for your job!
Our Innovators
Kevin Keigley Kevin Keigley, ABI's founding President, has decades of experience in the commercial contracting and landscaping industries, and is named on eight separate patents. He uses the tools he builds, and builds the tools he'd want to use, giving him valuable insight into making our customers' everyday work easier and more effective. He holds the patents used in many of ABI's exclusive tools, including the TR3 & Rascal.
TR3 and Rascal
Bob and Jim Kiser Bob & Jim Kiser are renowned in the equine world for their innovative work developing world-class arena footing, managing the footing for international equine shows, and inventing the world-standard in professional arena drags, the Kiser Dragmaster®. Bob's development of Profile Blade Technology™ revolutionized the way arena footing is maintained!
Kiser Edge and Kiser SpeedMaster
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