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bob kiser "Every arena is unique in its use, its design, and type of material. To think that your arena can be based entirely off of someone else's design can be a huge mistake." There's no single recipe for the perfect arena. When you rely solely on your contractor to design your arena and select your footing materials, you are in essence opening your checkbook to the one person who stands to make the most from your project. But when you hire a Kiser Arena Specialists consultant, they work for you; helping to find the right design and materials in the most cost effective way. They'll be your project managers from the quarry, to the lab, through your first ride in your new arena. They'll help formulate the proper footing blend for your needs. They'll even ensure that your contractors know which materials to use and how to install them...In short, Kiser Arena Consultants will replace all the guess-work with peace of mind.

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Off-site Consultation
An off-site consulting package from Kiser Arena Specialists is really a partnership with the world's leading experts in arena footing. Far more than just looking at your sand,Ó an off-site package is a total project management service that starts with the site selection and then proceeds to the sub surface preparation, arena design, base and footing material selection and finally the installation of the materials and their maintenance.

With their extensive lab in Texas, Kiser Arena Specialists can analyze potential base and footing material for compaction, percolation, shear strength, rebound and cushion. Of course all of these tests are in relation to your subsurface material, size and grade of your arena as well as your budget.

With a Kiser consultant as your project partner and guiding your contractor through the proper installation process, the dream of having an arena that keeps your horses safe and performing to their maximum ability can be reality!
On-site Consultation
If you want to take the Kiser consulting services to the next level, then an on-site package is what you want. This package consists of an upfront two-day visit to your property or facility to personally gather all the important information needed to make your arena project a success. Visits to local sand and stone quarries as well as meetings with contractors or architects are just a part of what makes up an on-site consulting package from Kiser Arena Specialists.

There are two primary benefits that separate the on-site from the off-site consulting package. First, a Kiser Arena Specialist will be doing most of the footwork when it comes to finding the right materials for your base and footing. The client need not worry about hunting down the right quarries for materials and sending samples back and forth to Texas. Secondly, the personal first handÓ education you will receive by spending two days with a Kiser consultant who has spent a lifetime designing and installing horse arenas is invaluable. There is no price tag for that kind of education!

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