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Custom Footing Blends For Every Arena & Discipline

The Million Dollar Question: which is better...synthetic or natural arena footing?

The answer is really both! The fact of the matter is that depending on your specific needs, disciplines and variables, either one could be the best footing for you.

A wide range of variables all play a part in determining which kind of footing is best suited for your needs. For over 30 years, Kiser Arena Specialists has been building natural footing arenas for all disciplines and they are, indisputably, the world's leading experts when it comes to natural arenas. KAS can take the native materials and create the perfect base and a riding surface that has the exact shear strength, cushion, rebound and reaction needed for the horse's footfall.

In order to provide their vast and versatile client base alternative options and better footing solutions, in 2007 Kiser Arena Specialists began researching the world's resources for the best synthetic additives.
Kiser Arena Specialists found what they wanted in GGT synthetic additives and formed a partnership between the two companies.

Today, Kiser Arena Specialists is the premier distributer of GGT footing products and has developed a proprietary blend of GGT that never requires watering and stays blended far better than by just adding GGT to sand.

So, whether a synthetic or natural footing arena is best for your needs, you can trust on the expertise of Kiser Arena Specialists to help discover what footing is going to keep your horses sound and performing to their maximum ability!

Even the best natural or synthetic materials can perform poorly without proper moisture & maintenance:
Poor Moisture Content
Footing with poor moisture content of less than 4% lets the sand and smaller particles separate from the larger (whether natural or synthetic). This not only creates dust, but an unsafe and poorly performing arena!
Proper Moisture Content
Footing with a proper moisture content of 4-7% keeps all materials (whether natural or synthetic) from separating and preserves the high performance and safety qualities you require!

World-class arenas are a combination of the right materials, detailed planning, solid construction, and a tailored maintenance plan.

Kiser & GGT Synthetic Footing
GEO Blend
sand & felt
The Kiser/Geo blend is the entry level GGT product for the budget conscious client. Made from GGT's geotextile material, this blend can be used for most disciplines where synthetic footing is acceptable.
Western Blend
sand & felt
As the newest member to the GGT family, the Kiser/GGT Western blend uses a smaller particle geotextile and is custom blended for each arena. The natural materials used, equine discipline, and the use of cattle play a huge role in how this material functions.
Jumping blend
sand, felt & fibers
The Kiser/GGT Jumping blend is made from the optimal sized geotexitle with the addition of a micro fiber. This blend is made specifically for the Jumping discipline, offering the horse and rider the ideal purchaseÓ and shear strength needed for the maximum performance of a jumping horse.
Dressage Blend
sand, felt & fibers
The Kiser/GGT Dressage blend mixes the GGT microfiber and a smaller particle geotextile to create the perfect dressage footfall for the horse. Keeping a stable footing for a dressage horse is critical to the complicated movements asked for by the rider.
All Kiser/GGT synthetic footings offer high moisture retention,
impact resistance, improved stability, and dust reduction.
Natural Footing (sand, silt & clay)
Not all synthetic footing additives will work for every discip-line, but natural footing will. With proper moisture content and the right combination of sands, clays, and silts, a properly designed natural arena will keep your horses sound and performing to their maximum ability.

With over 30 years of experience, Kiser Arena Specialists understand the many var-iables involved in designing the optimal natural footing arena. Regardless of the discipline, the compaction, rebound, cushion and shear strength can all be adjusted by understanding how to blend and maintain a natural mix of sand, clay and silt. One of the key benefits of a natural arena is the high quality of the footing for the low upfront cost. However, regular maintenance of a natural arena is crucial333333333333333333333‹444444444444444444444the perfect arena can be built but if not maintained properly, it can be ineffective and even dangerous! So, a proper grooming routine and moisture control plan is a must when choosing natural footings.

Because of all the variables at play in a world-class natural footing arena, Kiser Arena Specialists insist that all Kiser natural footing be paired with one of their consulting services.

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