ABI’s Affordable Factory-Direct Delivery:

ABI works hard to provide affordable shipping, direct to your residential or business property, throughout the United States and Canada. Because of our large volume, ABI has negotiated significant freight discounts with the national carriers. Not only do we extend these savings to you, we also provide an additional discount that pays a good portion of the remaining freight charges. In some select cases we cover all freight charges! We are also happy to arrange services such as residential delivery, lift gate, and call ahead notification. Our logistical goal is to deliver our products direct to your property, as quickly as possible, in new condition, and for the lowest cost possible. Keep in mind that even local dealers charge for freight, they just hide that cost in their high retail price.

The Customer Is Responsible For:

Due to the size and weight of most ABI products we cannot ship via UPS Ground, FedEX Ground & USPS Ground. As a result a freight class common carrier must be used. It is important to understand that the customer is responsible to notify ABI if the shipping address provided upon purchase is NOT semi tractor trailer accessible. Alternate arrangements may be made to deliver the product on a smaller truck or to deliver to an alternate location (at additional charge.) The customer is responsible to have a person at least 18 years of age that is authorized to inspect for damage during shipment and sign to receive the shipment that is properly skilled in using any equipment that may be required to unload the product present upon delivery. If the product is larger than the 8′ wide and 3′ deep lift gate or standard 4’x4′ pallet, additional equipment may be required to unload the product. Possible unloading equipment that could be used is a forklift, skid steer or tractor with a front end loader. The customer is further responsible to receive and/or return phone calls with the freight company to ensure a timely delivery. Please call 877.788.7253 (Mon. – Fri. 8am-5pm) if you have any question about the customers responsibility. Failure to meet these responsibilities may result in additional charges to the customer.