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Rebel Trailer Extreme Rough Terrain Trailer

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ATV Trailer That Attacks Any Terrain You Conquer

When it comes to off-road ATV trailers, just about all of them can be pulled down the average trail. But what happens when the average trail comes to an end? Most ATV trailers can't handle the extreme terrain that comes along with remote locations. That's why we built the Rebel Trailer. It breaks all the rules and goes where it's not supposed to. It's only limitation is your ATV. The key to the Rebel Trailer's abilities is its patented hitch. Normal ball and drop pin hitches limit maneuverability. They can easily get bound up and break. But the Rebel's hitch and tongue design allows a fully articulating range of motion, equipping you and your ATV to get wherever you dare to go. The Rebel was designed by extreme riders and hunters for extreme riders and hunters, making it the perfect companion during open season. Now you can extract a deer, transport decoys, tree stands, and feeder grain, or remove an injured hunter from deep within a dense woods. Click the "features" tab above to learn about all the innovative features that enable this trailer to attack any terrain you dare to challenge. Requires a 2" female receiver on ATV / UTV.


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Innovative Design

Welcome to the Rebel Trailer from ABI, the rough terrain trailer for extreme ATV riders and hunters. The Rebel's unique design allows for a fully articulating range of motion; equipping you and your trailer to get wherever you dare to go. Below are details that will take you through the features and benefits of the Rebel Trailer from ABI and describe in detail the innovations that allow this trailer to get where it is not supposed to go. So, if getting where you need to go, with what you need to have, can't be done with a traditional ATV trailer, then the Rebel from ABI is the answer to your problem.

Patented Fully Articulating
Adjustable Hitch System

What makes the Rebel so unique and maneuverable is the patented hitch assembly. This is truly the hitch with no limits! Other trailers come with a ball or drop pin hitch. These hitch types limit the up and down and side to side movements of these trailers. These limitations cause traditional trailers to get stuck or even damaged in situations where the ATV could still keep on going. With the Rebel's fully articulating hitch, your only limitations will be those of your ATV! The Rebel's patented hitch assembly allows for extreme maneuverability side to side and up and down so that the trailer can follow all sorts of rough terrain environments. The bottom line is that if your ATV can go there, the rebel trailer from ABI will follow.

Cargo Bed with Flared Sides & Punched Floor

The bed of the Rebel Trailer is specifically designed to haul hunting equipment and game in and out of rough wooded terrain. It is low to the ground to give your load a secure ride and to keep the Rebel from being top heavy. The bed also has flared sides for more capacity. The floor of the Rebel is punched which allows drainage of water and animal blood as well as giving you plenty of anchoring points for ropes and bungee cords. The cargo bed is 21” wide at the bottom x 64” Long x 12” on the sides. The bed flares out to 28" wide at the top. It has a 10.8 cu ft capacity if leveled off at the top of the sides. (Struck Capacity) There dozens of anchor points throughout the trailer bed for securing cargo.

Clean Underbelly with 13" of Ground Clearance

In designing the Rebel atv trailer, particular attention was paid to ensure the underbelly was clean and free of anything that could catch on rocks, logs or debris. This design provides a true 13" of ground clearance enabling the Rebel Trailer to navigate over just about any obstacle.

Wheel Mounting System - High Speed Spindles & Serviceable Bearings

The wheel mounts have been engineered to maximize ground clearance and eliminate the need for a traditional axle. This design gives the Rebel a clean underbelly and keeps it from getting hung up. With our extreme duty and serviceable wheel bearings, and 1,000 lbs (rated) high speed spindles, the Rebel can be easily maintained and and handle the punishment of years commanding through rough terrain.

22" ATV Tires

Large 22 atv tires provide suspension when going over obstacles, flotation through wet ground and the ability to easily scale most any obstacle in their path.

Skid Plate

A skid plate, mounted to the front of the trailer, gives the Rebel the ability slide over logs, rocks and debris. It further protects the trailer from hitting the ground on extreme terrain where the atv and trailer are on different planes.

Tree Kickers & Fenders

To make it even easier to navigate where the trail ends, we added patented tree kickers and ridged fenders to help push the trailer straight when caught up against a tree or other immovable object. No more catching your tires and having to get off and pull the trailer sideways. No more damage to the sidewall of the trailer! The tree kickers and ridged fenders leverage the power of the ATV to pull you through densely wooded areas with ease. The fenders additionally prevent mud and other debris from being flung into the air.

Removable Tailgate

To make loading and unloading easier or to haul longer objects, the end gate can be removed and clipped to the side of the bed. The tailgate includes two locking pins.

Low Center of Gravity

The bed of the Rebel Trailer is low to the ground to give your load a secure ride and to keep the Rebel from being top heavy. When navigating though rough terrain it is paramount to have a low center of gravity to prevent tipping.

Low Sheen Powder Coating

The Rebel is powder coated to protect against rust. This powder coat is a low sheen matte finish in order to not draw attention to the trailer while hunting.

Manufactured Right Here:

You want the best quality materials, you want the highest quality workmanship, you want your attachments made in the United States of America--and so do we! That's why, since 1997, we've been manufacturing and selling equipment built to exceed your expectations, just like we should. This attention to detail creates products that are durable, reliable, and ready to do your toughest work--day after day.

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Optional Equipment

Winch Assembly

An optional manual winch assembly can be mounted to the Rebel trailer to assist in pulling heavy game or other cargo into the trailer.



Rebel Trailer
680 lbs.
400 lbs.
# of Axles
0 (Uses innovative wheel mounting system instead)
# of Wheel Mounts
# of Tires
Tire Size
22" x 11" x 8" 2 ply | Rated 340 lbs. each at 5 P.S.I.
Ground Clearance
Bed Capacity
10.8 cu ft (Struck)
Bed Construction
Welded 14 Ga. Steel
Removable Tailgate
Minimum C.C.
350 4WD
Hitch Type
Requires a 2" female receiver on ATV / UTV
Finish Color
Matte Black
Powder Coating
Overall Dimensions
49" W x 98.5” L x 27” H
Bed Dimensions
21” W x 64” L x 12” H
Bed Top Flare Dimensions
28” Top of Bed Opening
Shipping Dimensions & Weights
Box 1: 23” W x 25” L x 22” H - 75 lbs.
Box 2: 12” W x 24” L x 8” H - 52 lbs.
Box 3: 32” W x 70” L x 14” H - 139 lbs.
Unit Weight
266 lbs.
Product Ships
Not Assembled
Assembly Time
About 1 Hour
U.S.A. Made
1 Year Limited
Pricing & specifications are subject to change without notice.

Important Note: The Rebel Rough Terrain Trailer is built to maximize your ATV?s off-road capabilities. To safely go where other trailers can't, the Rebel Trailer requires a heavy-duty sleeve hitch. Low-quality, un-reinforced sleeve hitch adapters compromise the Rebel Trailer's capabilities and your safety. While they may be suitable for some activities and attachments, DO NOT use them for your Rebel Trailer. Pictured is an adapter that WILL NOT support the capabilities of the Rebel Trailer, as well as one that WILL safely allow the full range of the Rebel Trailer's capabilities. For more questions, please call us: 877-788-7253


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