ABI continuously and rigorously updates our products to meet changing customer needs. Because of this commitment to innovation, our support materials change frequently. In order to provide you with the most up-to-date instructional resources while reducing paper waste, all support materials – including warranty information – are located online.

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Getting Started Notes
  • The missing pump drain plug can be found inside the instruction tube.
  • Check your oil before first use.
  • Water Trailers shipped during cold months or to cold regions may be shipped with RV Antifreeze already run through the plumbing to prevent freeze damage.
Register Motor

The motor on the Compact Water Trailer is covered by an independent Honda warranty. Please register the motor by clicking on the button below.

Getting to Know Your Trailer

The gives an overview of ABI’s compact water trailer. While some features and plumbing setup differs, the basic concepts will assist you in your Commercial/DOT Trailer Operation as well.

Run 3-4 gallons of RV antifreeze in through entire system – all hoses, nozzles, and pumps. This will lubricate and prevent freezing and breakage. After circulating through pumps, open ratchet valve and once you see the pink spraying out the back, you will know that it has circulated and the entire system has been properly lubricated. Leave about 2 gallons of the RV Antifreeze in the tank to store for winter.

2 Gallons Bleach and 3 quarters full of tank full of water. Drive around and let it agitate around. Then let it soak for a few hours. Drive around again then drain and rinse.

Warranty Information

ABI Manure Spreaders are covered by ABI’s Performance Guarantee and a 36-month Limited warranty.