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The ABI Force features a full line of purpose-built attachments for infield grooming, preparation, and renovation. These attachments make the ABI Force the most versatile infield groomer in the world.
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VibraFlex Infield DragVibraFlex Infield Drag

Prepare infields with control and precision

Our Vibraflex Infield Drag is a patent-pending attachment that re-imagines infield preparation. Evenly staggered U-pins transfer vibration and flex from front to back, dancing along the infield to shatter surface tension and prepare any engineered soil and surface conditioner. Two models provide the best solution for different infield compositions, uses, and levels of play. And, with the "fail proof" controls on the Force, there is never concern of the vibraflex going deeper than the infield needs, no matter the conditions.
Profile BladeProfile Blade

De-compact the surface without up-ending its profile.

When your infields have hardened to the point that daily preparation is not enough, the patented ABI Profile Blades can be used to de-compact the surface without up-ending the surface profile! For light renovation work, the patented Profile Blade attachment yields unparalleled de-compaction results by slicing the complete profile of the infield material from 1/2" up to 3 inches under the infield surface. Occasionally de-compacting the infield surface encourages a quick-draining and consistent-playing ball field. Profile Blades can also cut weeds and grass at the root level to remove creeping grasses from infields and warning tracks and eliminate build-up along the outfield edge!
Ripping TeethRipping Teeth

Make easy work of extreme hardpan and vegetation

The Ripping Teeth make easy work of extreme hardpan and vegetation outside of the field. The rippers enable the ABI Force to be used to maintain gravel roads, parking lots, and even complete seedbed preparation jobs. These teeth temporarily replace the VibraFlex groomer or Profile Blades™ and are adjustable from 0 - 6". With bolt on tips are easy to replace when worn.
Multi-Function RakeMulti-Function Rake

Finish rough surfaces & collect debris

The Multi-function Rake is not typically used for daily grooming, but is invaluable during infield renovation and off-the-field work. Because the rake is mounted directly to the mid-mount hydraulic system, it may be pitched into a wide variety of positions to tackle a number of jobs. It pulverizes clumps of material during infield renovation work, can be pitched vertically to back blade material from high areas and fill into low areas, it can pull off loose vegetation and debris into piles, and it creates an ideal finish on gravel parking lots and for other heavy dirt work. The rake is constructed of 1/2" hardened steel for long life and is replaceable in 1' sections.
Mini-Box BladeMini-Box Blade

Level infields like never before

A game-changing addition to the innovative ABI FORCE, the Mini-Box Blade attachment gives the Force extra earth-moving muscle and unmatched versatility. The Mini-Box Blade easily mounts to the Force's unique mid-mount attachment system with drive-over capability and easy spin-on locks. With fingertip control of the powerful hydraulic & spring-loaded arms, users can quickly and effectively carry material, remove loosened debris & rocks, grade, and level with finesse-all while moving forward and maintaining perfect visibility! Skip the handwork and quickly level and grade in the tightest areas or on surfaces where a light footprint is necessary. The mini box blade is available with either sifting teeth or a solid edge.
Rigid Drag MatRigid Drag Mat

All-purpose attachment to level, smooth, and finish.

The Rigid Drag Mat with leveling bar is an all-purpose attachment to level, smooth, and finish. This drag mat is 6' wide and 1.5' long and is designed to float material from high areas into low areas WITHOUT following small contours of the ground. The innovative integrated leveling also serves as a nearly indestructible tow bar and allows the steel mesh to be replaced once worn.
XD Flexible Drag MatXD Flexible Drag Mat

Quickly break down small clay clods and reset a surface.

The Extreme-Duty Flexible Mat is designed to quickly break down small clay clods and reset a surface that is infrequently maintained or after light renovation work. This mat is 6' wide by 3' long and is the most extreme duty drag mat on the market. The steel mesh is made of extremely thick rust resistant galvanized steel. The rods are an impressive 6 Gauge and the ends are welded to protect the edges from fraying as it hits bases, fencing and other obstacles. The drag bar is 1/8" thick angle iron to eliminate bending. This drag mat is also perfect for breaking up aeration cores.
Coco Drag MatCoco Drag Mat

Adds a pristine finish & helps to dry wet infields

The Coco Mat works amazingly well in dry conditions to add a pristine finish to fine particle materials. Coco Mats are also used in wet conditions to help absorb moisture to get game ready faster.
Fine Finish BroomFine Finish Broom

The perfect finish in high & low moisture conditions.

The Fine Finish Broom creates the perfect finish in both high and low moisture conditions on well-maintained surfaces. This broom is 7' wide and offers 3 rows of bristles. The mounting arms are adjustable to set the exact working angle desired and the broom has an ideal weight for the perfect amount of down pressure needed for beautiful performance. The 3 ideally spaced rows of easily replaceable bristles will help to float a small amount of material into low areas and finish the infield in a pristine "game ready" manner.
Pro FinisherPro Finisher

Seamlessly Smooth & Finish Infield Conditioner

Provides a perfect finish for pro-level infield conditioners. This coated steel lattice evenly floats over the infield surface material to level and redistribute conditioner. Flared edges seamlessly feathers edges, leaving to trails even on sharp turns. The Pro Finisher is designed for use on well maintained and already level infields.

Enables 80,000 sq. ft. per hour aerating output.

The available 40" plug aerator, mounted to the mid-mount hydraulic lift system, enables 80,000 sq. ft. per hour aerating output. With hydraulic downward-pressure and 400 lbs. of weights, this machine outperforms many dedicated aerators while achieving core depths up to 3 - 1/2". A drag mat can be used in conjunction with the plug aerator to breakup cores on the same pass!
Broadcast SpreaderBroadcast Spreader

Spread seed, fertilizer, & infield conditioner

The hydraulic seed & fertilizer spreader can hold 120 lbs. of material and has an adjustable spread pattern from 4 to 25 feet, adjustable flow, and side deflector. This commercial-grade and independently controlled hydraulic spreader is ideal for precisely broadcasting nearly any type of seed, fertilizer and even some infield surface conditioners. The spreader must be ordered at time of original purchase for factory installation.

Cut clean grass edge lines with ease

Trying to remove overgrown vegetation from the lips and edges of the infield is one of the most difficult jobs when getting a field ready for play. The ABI Force offers one of the most innovative and effective edgers on the market today! Attached to the patented mid-mount spring action, and depending on the soils moisture content, the 18" disk can cut as shallow or deep as desired. This edger can make either a straight cut on the line or there is a 3" offset when using a string. In addition, on the front of the Force is a site gauge that offers a radius offset for 60-90' base paths. Now your infield lip can have that perfect and clean arc! Additionally, a specialized subsurface blade cuts parallel with the ground to cut creeping grass at the root.

Creates optimal seed-to-soil contact.

After loosening & raking, pulling a cultipacker while using the broadcast seeder creates optimal seed-to-soil contact. Our cultipackers use 9.5" packer wheels with a solid 1 3/4" steel packer wheel shaft. The 1 3/4" agricultural-grade pillow block bearings are grease-able. These units are also equipped with two pneumatic tires for easy flip-over transport.
Laser SystemLaser System

Patent-pending infield laser grader.

For facility managers that need laser graded infields and want to grade them in-house... the ABI Force is fully laser compatible and can be configured with a complete and patent-pending laser system. With a laser graded infield, you can perfectly control the shedding of rain from your fields and get more games in with a quicker turn times than ever before!

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