ABI Infield Grader - Lawn Mower Infield Grader
Infield Grader for the Mower
The ABI Infield Grader is a performance oriented, yet cost effective, infield maintenance groomer designed for use behind a riding mower or zero-turn with a rear hitch. With an ABI Infield Grader, every baseball and softball league can now afford safer and more playable infields.

Built For The Mower
Built For The Mower
Minimize Hand Labor
Minimize Hand Labor
Safer and More Playable
Safer & More Playable
Built For The Mower
Minimize Hand Labor
Safer & More Playable

ABI Sports Turf is an infield maintenance equipment manufacturer known for innovative designs specifically crafted for infields. This innovation enables the ABI Infield Grader to reduce surface compaction, evenly grade low and high areas, and properly groom infields achieving the playable results teams need all with one tool.

Grading Box
Grading Box
The Infield Grader's tooth bar, mini box, & choice of an optional finish broom or finish drag mat work in sequence to produce a playing surface that homemade drags simply cannot replicate. Off the field the ABI Infield Grader can also grade gravel parking lots, eliminating potholes, all from the seat of the mower.

Grading Box

Safety and Playability
A safe & playable infield is traditionally developed through hours of hard work by multiple people & the use of a variety of different tools. The ABI Infield Grader's design uses the power of the lawn mower to significantly reduce this hand labor and consolidates multiple tools into one, making it easy for one person to manage many fields alone.

Safety and Playability

Proudly Manufactured in the USA
You want the best quality materials, the highest quality workmanship, and you want your attachments made in the United States of America-and so do we! That's why, since 1997, we've been manufacturing and selling equipment built to exceed your expectations. This attention to detail and commitment to U. S. manufacturing creates products that are durable, reliable, and ready to do your toughest work-day after day.
Buy Factory-Direct
ABI's attachments are sold direct to the customer and shipped via a common-carrier truck straight to your property! By working directly with our customers, our professional and knowledgeable Product Specialists can answer any questions you may have. We think this is a better way to do business, as it offers our customers direct access to the people who design and build our attachments.

ABI Infield Grader Line Drawing
233 lbs.
Base Unit

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