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SR2 For Landscapers and Contractors

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SR2 Landscape Rake - For Landscapers & Contractors

The SR2 is a commercial-grade seedbed preparation attachment for skid steer that is ideal to work small areas and along edges. This amazing landscape rake incorporates scarifiers and a finishing rake to properly prepare the perfect seedbed, free of compaction, for excellent seed-to-soil contact and accelerated germination. Unlike a power rake, the SR2 has no moving parts so it can take a lot of abuse. Possibly the greatest benefit of the SR2 is ease of use. With clear sight lines to the front edge of the tool the operator can have confidence along concrete edges, irrigation heads, landscape beds, and buildings. Even an inexperienced operator can quickly become an expert SR2 operator as it can be operated with the loader arms in "Float" to create a finish seedbed. The SR2 is the eliminator of hand work as it can get right up to edges quickly and easily. Forward and reverse scarifying and raking operation. Loosens soil up to 3"(standard),
adjustable to 5". 7.5' wide.


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Welded I-Beam Construction

Welded I-Beam Construction:

Fully welded for the utmost strength and longevity. Our Command Series tools are designed to work under tough conditions all day, every day.
2-In-One Design

2-In-One Design:

Designed to operate at an angle, the SR2 is a wheel-supported attachment with scarifiers and rake that work together to create the ideal seedbed, especially along edges.
HD Finish Rake

HD Finish Rake:

The 3/4"-thick hardened-steel rake gives the SR2 finesse and strength. Push forward to clear vegetation & debris and spread topsoil. Pull backward to smash dirt clods and leave an ideal seed- or sod-ready finish. Replaceable in 1' sections.
Adjustable Scarifiers

Adjustable Scarifiers:

Loosens the ground from 0-5" deep with adjustable depth control. Durable cast teeth penetrate the hardest of conditions and bolt-on tips keep maintenance costs low.
Float and Gauge Tires

Float & Gauge Tires:

12" Ultra-durable foam-filled tires gauge working depth and allow the skid steer to work in the "float" position to keep the tool consistently engaged with the ground even when operating on rough terrain!
Optional Hydraulic Scarifying Teeth

Optional Hydraulic Scarifying Teeth:

Loosen the ground from 0-5" with on-the-fly hydraulic depth control. Cast teeth penetrate the hardest of conditions and worry-free bolt-on tips keep maintenance costs low.

Manufactured Right Here:

You want the best quality materials, you want the highest quality workmanship, you want your attachments made in the United States of America--and so do we! That's why, since 1997, we've been manufacturing and selling equipment built to exceed your expectations, just like we should. This attention to detail creates products that are durable, reliable, and ready to do your toughest work--day after day.
Direct Shipping

Buy Factory-Direct - We Ship To Your Property:

ABI attachments are sold direct to the customer over the phone and internet and shipped via a common-carrier truck to your property! This factory-direct business model eliminates the middleman and dealer markups allowing ABI to provide better attachments for the money. Buying direct also ensures that you're not limited to a local dealers in-stock inventory, but instead you have access to every model, size, and configuration we offer and you can have it shipped to you in just a few days. We think this is a better way to do business, as it gives you more options and you get to work directly with the people who design and build attachments.
36 Month Limited Warranty

36-Month Warranty:

We build equipment with commercial-grade construction and superior craftsmanship, so you can rest assured it will continue making you money for a long time. And to back that up, we offer a 36-month limited commercial warranty on this product. That's right, this product is designed for daily use, is built tough enough for commercial applications, and is backed by the longest standard commercial warranty we are aware of in the industry! Rental usage 12-months. See warranty documentation for details.

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Vehicle Type:
Skid Steer
Min. Horse Power:
Unit Weight:
820 lbs.
Raking Width:
Grading Width:
Scarifying Width:
# of Scarifiers:
Hydraulic Scarifiers:
Scarifier Spacing:
8 - 10"
Scarifying Depth:
0 - 3" Adjustable to 5"
Scarifying Tip:
Yes - Replaceable (Bolt-On)
Hydraulic Ports Needed:
I-Beam & Angle Iron
Rake Material:
3/4" AR Steel - Laser Cut - (Replaceable in sections)
12" Foam Filled
3-Point Tractor Mount:
Skid Steer Mount:
Unit Dimensions:
89"W x 40"D x 19"T

This product is compatible with standard flow auxiliary hydraulic connectors from the factory, if equipped with hydraulics.
Specifications Are Subject To Change without Notice
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