ABI Gravel Grader Features

ABI Attachments is known worldwide for “Innovation… not imitation”! The attachments we design are made in the United States, unique, and are full of features that separate us from our competitors. The Gravel Grader is no different! With features such as Coiled Springs, Crown Control capabilities, and an adjustable grading box, the ABI Gravel Grader is the only gravel attachment that will do real work from behind a riding lawnmower!

Coiled Springs

The Coiled Springs of the ABI Gravel Grader allow the forgiveness needed to pull through tough areas. When using the wireless remote, the actuator will transfer a measured amount of downward force, from your mower, to the grader box. These Coiled Springs give you an exact amount of grading action without “spinning out”. When other grading attachments leave you stuck in the middle of a job…the Coiled Springs of the ABI Gravel Grader guarantee you, and your gravel driveway, success.

Grader Box

The ABI Gravel Grader comes with a 48″ grader box with ripping teeth that will loosen up to 1¾” deep! Unlike many of our competitors, whose loosening teeth only penetrate 1/8″ at a time, the ABI Gravel Graders ripping teeth do real work, ensuring the driveway has enough loosened gravel to properly grade, producing a smooth driving surface. These ripping teeth are adjustable and easily replaced, making them the most effective ripping teeth, for a mower designed gravel grader, on the market. The Grading Box has a pitch control, which is critical to its effectiveness. By lengthening or shortening the adjustable link, you can create more ripping or grading action depending on the results needed at the time.

Ripping Teeth

The ABI Gravel Grader’s ripping teeth loosen up to 1¾” deep! These ripping teeth are adjustable and easily replaced, making them the most effective ripping teeth, for a mower designed gravel grader, on the market.

Material Recovery Wing

The Material Recovery Wing allows material outside of the box width to be pulled to the center of the tool. The wing can be adjusted and set to below grade in order to grab loose debris on slopes.

Reversible Grading Blade

The 1/2″ thick grading blade can be flipped to expose rock teeth to feather and sift material or a solid blade to move material without sifting.

Wireless Actuator

The ABI Gravel Grader comes standard with an electric actuator when most of our competitors make their actuators optional. Some competitors even tie an inexpensive actuator to a cable system that inevitably will rust, seize and break. The ABI actuator is commercial grade, has an 8″ stroke, and is weather sealed for longevity. Using the wireless electric actuator’s downward force on the springs and grading box, the hitch of the Gravel Grader tops out against the mower using the weight of the operator and mower to put applied force to the loosening and grading action. The actuator can be connected to your mowers battery or to an onboard battery. (The onboard battery is not included)

Crown Control

The ABI Gravel Grader’s grading box has an easy to use “crown control’ mechanism that makes it the ONLY gravel grader, for a riding mower, that can pull your loose gravel from the edges of your driveway and properly re-establish a crown. And to assist with the “recapturing” of gravel that’s lost to the sides of the driveway, the ABI Gravel Grader comes standard with a “gravel capture” wing that is easily attached and removed.

Stabilizing Wheels

The ABI Gravel Grader is balanced and stabilized by two substantial gauge tires which not only create a “ground plane” for the grader box, but also work in conjunction with the “coiled spring action” giving the ABI Gravel Grader its unique and patent pending “controlled force”. Because the wheels create a “ground plane” with the mowers wheels, leveling a gravel driveway is far more attainable.


Used it a several times getting a 100 yard driveway on an incline back in shape. Unit works great. Especially like the ability to crown the driveway. I have a lot of rocks here and the springs just let it ride over them. Never broka tine yet? Very well built. Only thing I would like to see is a drfferent design on the hitch. Since it is on an incline my mower struggles with traction on the uphill. I have suitcase weights for the back but if used you cannot turn very much as they impact the hitch mechanism. But hey, I'll deal with that as a minor issue. Excellent product. Highly recommend over the competition.
Perfect for what I needed and the Customer Service has been exceptional! I have loved everything about my gravel grader. I am putting in landscaping around my new house. This tool has come in very handy as I have leveled out dirt and spread gravel around a good part of my acre lot to keep weeds down. It feels like I am manicuring my gravel and my dirt every time I use it. The process of purchasing it could not have been better the grader is well-made and I fully expect it to last for many years to come.
I searched all over for some way to grade and or maintain my 600 foot gravel dtiveway with 100 x 75 parking area. The hardpack has not seen any maintenance in 15 years. I live in New Hampshire and had pot holes and ruts that were 6" to 12" after this past winter. After a lot of on line research, i bought the ABI gravel grader. I did not think really think I could grade or maintain my driveway isong my 22 HP Husqvarna lawn tractor, but am amazed how effectively this grader works. I was very concerned tgat I would just spin the tires trying to grade with a lawn tractor, but could not be more impressed with the grader!! I have never had any grading experience. I the grader simply does what ABI advertises and more!! I spent about 3 hours us ing the grader and the driveway and parking area is in freat shape!! Thanks ABI!! The grader is high quality and easy to use. I highly recommend this grader!!
Sales Rep Tyler was excellent, no pressure sales. Had a few concerns from previous reviews which he addressed and took care of. Shipment was fast and easy to unload. I was able to unload within minutes and put the grader into action within an hour. The product is as advertised, and I am happy to say that my 500ft + driveway has never looked better. Cant wait to see how it tackles my roadway to the lake. Thanks ABI you have made my work here a lot less difficult.
It Did The Job. I bought this grader with the intention of maintaining the dirt Lane and driveway that I own. Usually after 2 years I have to hire somebody in to grade it for me lust caution quite a few dollars to do this. Now I'm able to do this with my lawn tractor two, to three times a year and have a smooth driveway all year round. It does a great job, it has never failed me yet
Great tool. I truly had my reservations on this product. Once I got it and started using it those all went away. There is a bit of a learning curve but it's easily over come just play around with the settings on the grader. My drive was pot hole city not anymore and honestly no rock was added to accomplish this. Awesome product.
Great Attatchment for repairing and maintaining my 1500 foot stone driveway. Used it one time for a couple of hours one day and my drive looked like I just had fresh stone put in. The gravel grader was virtually fully assembled and very easy to use. Thank you ABI for a fantastic tool. I have and will continue to recommend this product and your company.
Gravel Grader Gets The Job DONE !!! Just got my Gravel Grader hooked it up to my Zero Turn and started using on my gravel drive. After using and playing with the Gravel Grader this driveway Grader does a GREAT JOB !!! So glad I made this purchase and the folks at ABI are great people to work with. This piece may costs a few dollars more, but like they say you get what you pay for FIRST CLASS PEOPLE AND EQUIPMENT !!!
Got my gravel grader and was very pleased with it, it was ready to go minus the battery. It is very well built, very heavy duty, I tried it out and it works great on my driveway. I am very pleased with it. Brian was my salesman, he is very good to work with. Thank You Brian.
Fantastic tool. I have not done any thing with our drive in more than 5 years. I began working with the gravel grader and after about 4 hours I had all of my holes filled and the drive was level and crowned. I still have work to do as the center of my lane was full of weeds and I will be using the gravel grader to continue clearing weeds from the center of the lane. I am absolutely sold on the gravel grader and have nothing but compliments about it and the job it allows me accomplish. I also found the staff at ABU to be great people to work with from the first phone call to my purchase.
Great product. Great product for the price. Installed a Peak back up camera to operate full time so I do not have to look back all the time. Now doing seven driveways in my area.
Good design overall with one major flaw, actuator top has a pressed cap which breaks easily, solid tube would be more reliable otherwise machine works as advertised and company is very responsive to replacing broken parts
Best customer service I've ever had. Had a few hiccups with the actuator but you guys caught that and sent me one that seems to fit the bill.
Very good and easy to use. The folks at ABI are a class act. Customer service is great. My only complaint were the tines broke fairly easily. They sent me plenty of new ones to replace. Highly recommend.