Food Plot Disc

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Food Plot Disc

Ever wish Saturdays had more daylight hours than the rest of the week? We’d like to help you make the most of the hours you have. With the Food Plot Disc option, you don’t have to cram the barn full of 3-point attachments. Your ABI TR3, TR3 E-Series, or Rascal can become your go-to disc harrow for your food plot or garden.
TR3E - Property Disk

Q: Are the Disc Blades Replaceable?
A: Yes! The notched discs are easily replaceable.

Q: Are the Bearings Greaseable?
A: Yes! The bearings can be removed and repacked with grease.

Q: Are the Bearings Replaceable?
A: Yes! The bearings fit inside the hubs with races and castle nuts just like trailer wheel bearings.

Q: How do I connect the Foodplot Disc to my ABI tool.
A: The Food Plot discs leverage the same shank and pocket system you’re already familiar with on your ABI attachments. The shank of the disc slides easily into the multi-hole pocket and pins securely with a 1/2” bent pin and snap ring.

Q: Can I control the depth of the Foodplot Discs?
A: Yes! The pockets that hold the shanks have multiple holes to adjust the depth of the discs. In addition, you can control the depth of the entire tool. On the ABI Rascal this is done by changing the tire height. On the TR3 and TR3 E-series you simply maneuver your 3pt hitch.

Q: Do the Food plot Discs throw soil in or out?
A: The Foodplot Discs throw soil out to allow maximum flow of material under the tool.

Q: I have a TR3 E-series Property Edition. Will the Food plot Disc work for me?
A: Yes! The TR3 E-series leverages the front mounting assembly to secure the Food Plot Disc. If you don’t yet have the optional Profile Blade Assembly for your TR3-E Property Edition, you’ll need to acquire that mounting assembly when you purchase the Food Plot Discs.


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