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Extreme Duty Drag Mat

Extreme Duty Drag Mats are ideal to prepare an infield ready for play with heavy gauge yet flexible rust resistant galvanized steel mesh. Ideal for all ball diamonds, trail maintenance, breaking-up aeration cores, leveling turf fields and more! Extreme duty drag mats are the heaviest duty mats on the market and are designed for the most demanding situations. Due to their heavy weight these mats must be towed behind a small tractor or atv. The rods are an extremely thick 6 Gauge and the ends are welded to protect the edges from fraying as it hits bases, fence posts and other obstacles. The drag bar is 1/8″ thick angle iron to eliminate bending. Includes tow chain and mounting connectors.

Part Numbers

Part # DMET63 DMET83
Size (W x L) 6' x 3' 8' x 3'
Unit Weight 70 lbs. 90 lbs.


Pull By Hand
Pull Behind ATV
Baseball / Softball Infields
Baseball Warning Track
Golf Fairway
Food Plot / Seed Prep
Golf Greens / Tee Boxes
Golf Sand Traps / Bunkers
Clay Tennis Courts
New Lawn Prep
Top Dressing
Driveway Basic Grading
Driveway Pea Gravel or Similar
Trail Maintenance
Break Up Aeration Cores
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Part # DMET63 DMET83
Size (W x L) 6' x 3' 8' x 3'
Unit Weight 70 lbs. 90 lbs.
Tow Line Chain with Draw Bar Chain with Draw Bar
Strip Size 1/2" x .062 1/2" x .062
Rod Size 6 Gauge 6 Gauge
Construction Galvanized Steel Galvanized Steel
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