Welcome to ABI, ABI stands for Absolute Innovations and in collaboration with Jim and Bob, they have come up with some of the world’s leading arena rakes and tractor and quad bike implements.

There’s a big belief at ABI that we stand by; innovation, not imitation. So in your research with implements, whether it be arena rakes or tractor implements, you will come across other brands that are perhaps inferior, but they are imitations. At ABI. We just don’t settle for good enough. We’re always in the pursuit of getting better. Better technology, better innovation.

When selecting your tool. You’ll notice that there are implements that have copied and taken on certain aspects of ours. Be careful with this, because often they’re built to an inferior quality and they don’t come with the same warranties and guarantees that come along with the ABI products.

Most of the ABI range is now offered in Australia, by Preifert Australia. In our range, we offer everything from manure spreaders, arena rakes, tractor implements that can grade, bulldoze, rip and tear. They’re manufactured in the USA. Everything starts from sheet metal. At the manufacturing plant, we make our own pipe, tube, plate. Everything starts from the get go. Unlike other brands, we have a quality control from the very start.

We are not taking a lucky dip at what materials we use and their origins. All ABI equipment is made in the USA. Being made in the USA, unlike a lot of other equipment out there, it comes with a quality assurance. It has been tried and tested for many years in the USA before it got to our shores.

The ABI equipment lines are used in most major equine events in the USA, such as the National Cutting Horse Association, the National Running Hose Association, and the World Equestrian Games.

What we offer at ABI is the original equipment, the most durable equipment with the most innovative engineering. With this comes a guarantee of unmatched quality, workmanship, and engineering. So as you work your way through the website, you’ll find a series of short, informative videos put together by the headquarters in the USA to educate us on how the equipment works, how it is made, and what separates it from everybody else.

So if you’d like to contact us, you can do so by following through the website and contacting us by email. And I bet you’ll get back to you within 24 hours with everything that you need to know about your equipment. Alternatively, give us a call at 1-800-609-669. Have a chat about what your needs are and see if we can fit you up.