If you own livestock and land, you know that it takes a special kind of commitment to fulfill your daily responsibilities. It requires a financial, emotional, and time commitment to properly care for the animals and land that you own. And one of the most time consuming and relentless responsibilities you have is properly managing and disposing of the manure that is daily left behind by your livestock. At ABI Equine, we believe that properly managing your horses manure is more than just mucking the stalls. We know that the machine and methods used to dispose and spread the manure is critical to your daily operations and the health of your horses and pastures.

The ABI classic spreaders are the most uncompromising and capable compact manure spreaders in the world, and we can prove it. With ease of use, serviceability, and safety built in by design, the classic ground drive spreaders offer standard features such as 12 gauge Cor-10 steel, a fully welded box frame construction, four-speed variable flow control, two beaters for both shredding and spreading, ratcheting hubs, a protective box liner, and poly lumber flooring. And our spreaders come with three assurances in writing. A money back guarantee, a 3 Year mechanical and construction warranty, and a Lifetime poly lumber flooring warranty. From the ground up, the ABI classic spreader is truly superior.

So let’s take a closer look at the design of this World-Class spreader. The ABI ground drive spreader is available with capacities of 25, 50 and 65 cubic feet, and the size that will work best for you will depend on how much livestock you have, what total vehicle you use, and how often you spread your manure. Everyone knows that manure and urine are extremely corrosive, and the beating that manure spreaders take in the pasture is borderline abusive. The everyday spreader on the market is made from steel that is susceptible to rusting through the box, and most are bolted together frames making these spreaders useless within a few years. Not the ABI manure spreaders. The foundation of our spreaders is a fully welded box made from corrosive resistant 12 gauge Cor-10 steel. This steel will not allow rust to penetrate and will stand up to the corrosion that destroys our competitor’s spreaders. The fact that we take the time to strengthen our box by welding it instead of bolting it shows that we care about the durability and longevity of your investment. Far too often, livestock owners are replacing their manure spreaders because they simply won’t last.

Unlike most competitors today, all ABI classic ground drive manure spreaders feature the ability to control the flow rate of manure being applied to the ground with four different speeds. Speeding up or slowing down the apron web accomplishes flow control that feeds manure to the back beaters independent of the ground speed.

The speeds are adjusted by the front lever, and enables the operator to either empty the manure as fast as possible or apply controlled amounts of manure to specific areas to maximize its fertilizer value. This variable flow control also enables the ABI spreader to handle cattle manure and that of other livestock as well. And having four speeds, encourages an eco-balanced pasture by enabling a slow manure feed rate and a higher beater spin rate for fine spreading and spreading.

The cornerstone feature of the ABI classic spreader is its inline shredder bar, which comes standard on every spreader we offer. This bar provides a knifing action that shreds every square foot of manure before it hits the widespread beaters. Unlike our competitors empty promises, the inline shredder bars actually provide a first line of offense against large manure clumps. This process is an incredible benefit to your pastures and horses. By spreading a fine, thin layer of manure on your pasture, the UV rays of the sun will break down the manure faster than if a large clumps are left laying around. If you’re a small operation with limited land, this process is even more important because your pastures will regenerate growth faster due to the increased speed of the decomposition and fertilization.

The bottom flooring of the ABI spreader is constructed of extremely thick tongue and groove, polyvinyl lumber that will never rot, rust or need replace. This is a premium maintenance-free flooring that will last and come standard with a limited Lifetime warranty.

Finally, the advanced ground drive system of the ABI spreaders is unmatched in the industry. Unlike many other spreaders, the ABI manure spreader provides constant power to the apron chain and beater bars even during tight terms and on rough pastures. The right wheel drives the apron chain and the left wheel drives the beater bars. However, similar to a locking differential on a truck, both wheels also work in unison to maximize traction and prevent the apron and beaters from running at incompatible speeds, which prevents potential damage. This innovative ground drive system provides more traction in wet, snowy, or even icy conditions. What’s amazing about the ABI classic spreader is that you’ll get the quality build, innovation, function, and safety features all for a competitive price point. Because ABI Equine sells directly to you and not through dealers, we were able to design a manure spreader that would normally cost 30 percent more, but it doesn’t, and you get a manure spreader that you can count on day in and day out.

You have a commitment to your livestock and land, and ABI’s commitment to you is that our spreader is better, safer and will last a whole lot longer. To find out more about the ABI classic ground drive spreader, it’s delivered pricing, options, and available financing, call our toll free number at 877-788-7253 and speak with one of our knowledgeable product specialists.