You demand the best performance from your horses. To stay sound, they deserve the best possible footing. Introducing the DragMaster by ABI Equine, the world’s premier arena drag.

Used by industry leading organizations such as the AQHA, World Equestrian Games, NRHA, The Congress, and the Lazy E Arena, the ABI DragMaster elevates footing performance at the world’s elite events and in your personal arena.

ABI Equine, the world’s largest arena drag manufacturer, has advanced the DragMaster’s innovative technology, making it the most respected arena drag in the world. This is next generation performance. The ABI DragMaster.

At ABI, we know that not all horses, arenas, or disciplines require the same footing materials or moisture content. Therefore, ABI has designed the ABI DragMaster to be fully customizable. Now you can choose the features you want and need, based on your tractor and arena size. Select an 8 to 16 foot ABI DragMaster and then add the available hydraulic ripping teeth, 300 or 500 gallon water tank, or even a laser grading system. This makes the ABI DragMaster the most versatile and effective arena drag in the world.

The innovation behind the ABI DragMaster begins with its pull behind design by creating a ground plane. This design offers distance between the wheels of the tractor and DragMaster. The hydraulic leveling blade sits between these wheels for precision grading, creating perfectly level and consistent footing, which allows the ABI DragMaster to outperform all three point arena drags. Supporting the ABI DragMaster and controlling its working depth are the hydraulic transport and gauge wheels. These wheels keep the arena footing consistent with every pass, and consistency is key to the performance and safety of the horse. The main hydraulic cylinder controls the gauge wheels, which allows you to lock in your settings for repeatable and precise results. Now, whether at home or an event, every operator can ensure a consistent riding experience for each horse and rider.

The ABI DragMaster features independently controlled ground engaging components allowing for five points of control over the arena footing material. This independence is vital in preparing an arena for peak performance for all disciplines, and it’s only offered by ABI Equine.

The first point of contact to the ground is the hydraulic leveling blade. This blade maintains consistent footing depth and equalizers high and low areas across the arena. The DragMaster is leveling blade moves independently from the frame so the operator can level an arena without disengaging the drag’s other components. This feature is only offered by ABI Equine and minimizes the skill needed for grading an arena with a three point drag.

The ABI DragMaster features custom made grooming rods, designed specifically for horse arenas. These two offset rows of replaceable grooming rods, condition every inch of the footing to ensure ridge-free consistency. One inch diameter rods may be adjusted to properly condition the footing material after it’s been leveled by the blade. The rods are strategically spaced and set at the ideal angle to allow for exceptional material flow and grooming results.

The DragMaster’s available hydraulic rippers, break up the hardest compacted material. With hydraulic control from the seat of the tractor, the operator is empowered to precisely control footing conditions with ease. These rippers will break up the hardest conditions and can loosen up to the maximum depth needed for all disciplines.

Whether the available hydraulic rippers are necessary depends on the arena’s blend of sand silt and clay, discipline practiced, and the amount of use per day. ABI’s pended profile blades cut through the arena footing like a sod cutter, loosening 100 percent of the arena footing with every pass. These adjustable profile blades slice through the material from the bottom up, not the top down, eliminating all ridges in the footing and allowing the footfall of the horse to be flat and perfect every time. When used in tandem with the grooming rods, the profile blades will provide the desired base texture for any discipline. Adjust the grooming rods to ride below the profile blades to create grip for barrels and jumping, or adjust the profile blades to ride just below the grooming rods for a perfectly smooth and consistent base. Perfect for reigning or dressage riders.

The finishing drag bars are designed to not only leave a consistent and smooth finish, but also fill in any final low spots in the arena. These finished bars can be adjusted to apply the perfect amount of pressure, depending on the footing consistency and moisture level.

The ABI DragMaster is available PTO water system allows precision control from the tractor seat, allowing the operator to continually incorporate moisture into the footing material. Proper moisture content produces footing shear strength and stability and controls dust throughout the facility for horses, riders and spectators alike. During equine competitions, continually incorporating moisture is critical to maintaining a fair and competitive show. This can only be done with the ABI DragMaster, because it offers the world’s largest and most powerful water system on any arena drag, ranging from 300 to 500 gallons. For those not needing to water while you drag, the ABI DragMaster can be configured without a water system to work with any other moisture management plan. The DragMaster’s available spray hose can be used to apply water to hard to reach areas and arenas, and the adjustable spray nozzle is ideal for cleaning panels, fencing, and equipment.

Every arena experiences footing displacement, especially ones that get heavy use. It usually takes a skilled operator or a lot of hand labor to get rid of the footing build up against the arena walls. But with the ABI DragMaster, the spring loaded rail blade rides along the edge of the arena and guides footing back into the path of the hydraulic leveling blade for even distribution across the arena.

To take all the guesswork out of grading your arena, the available laser system from ABI ensures perfectly consistent footing depth, from one end of the arena to the other with a tolerance of less than a quarter inch. The available laser packages are specially configured to provide everything needed to maintain a level grade and consistent footing depth.

From front to back, the ABI DragMaster is the most configurable, versatile, and masterful arena drag on the market. No other name can carry on the tradition of excellence and trust, like ABI Equine.

With all the customizable features available on the ABI DragMaster, you can easily create a safe, healthy, and beautiful arena footing for your horses. This is next generation performance. The ABI DragMaster. To find out more about the ABI DragMaster, the financing packages available, and our industry leading commercial warranty, call our toll free number at 877-788-7253.