My name is Chuck White, and I’m a field superintendent here at the Softball Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City. And this piece of equipment, the ABI Force, has made more impact on our ability to take care of our fields. I’ve been taking care of building or restoring fields for the last 40 years as a player, as a high school coach, as a collegiate coach, and now here at the Softball Hall of Fame. And this piece of equipment does more for me and makes more impact on my ability to maintain my field than any piece of equipment I’ve ever had in my life. I can maintain my fields, I can dress my fields, I can eliminate low spots, I can fit lips. I can manage my material so much better and efficiently than I ever have been able to do before.

The great equalizer for this piece of equipment that helps me so much is my ability to laser my fields on a regular basis. It used to be that I could only laser once, maybe twice a year, but now I can laser weekly. The Softball Hall of Fame for the World Series, we lasered every night after every ball game in the evening so that we could keep and manage our fields. And now in tournament play, we go Friday, Saturday, Sunday and on Monday we laser our fields and they are so much better and play safer and more true. And we manage our moisture so much better because our fields are flat. This unit is very versatile, very agile piece of equipment, both baseball and softball, small areas like home plate. This is so much better. I would highly recommend this piece of equipment for you, whether you have one field or you have multiple fields, The ABI Force is the machine that you want.