I’m Ryan DeMay. I’m the sports turf manager for the city of Columbus Recreation and Parks Department. I first heard of ABI through a direct e-mail that I got from Pat Dowling, who is one of your product reps. Encouraged me to take a look at it. So on the winter of 2014, we looked at some of the videos on YouTube of all the demonstrations, of the different implements and whatnot. Really liked it. We’re intrigued and wanted to get a closer look.

So at that point that spring, we contacted Pat and Pat was very eager to try and come down and show us, you know, all the features that the Force had, what it can do for us, in such a large setting with 31 diamonds here and then another 90 plus that we take care of throughout the city. And so in doing so, Pat came down and the first couple of minutes we were sold and that was it.

We’ve had the ABI Force now for a little over a year, and in that time, we’ve had multiple sports turf managers from around the state city region stop by and see our our piece of equipment. See the ABI Force in action because, you know, they they’ve seen the YouTube videos. But to be able to come out here and see it in person, it’s always that, wow, it’s not only for professionals in the field. It’s for the spectators that come out here for a tournament or a game. And they’re out here and they see us parading out three of these units, three of these ABI Forces, to come out and groom the fields in the morning for a tournament. And it’s everybody kind of stops in, says, wow, what is that? And then they see it out there doing all of our work with, you know, for doing a normal game prep with a VibraFlex and a rigid mat. They’re just out there kind of in awe. Wow. It doesn’t look like anything I’ve ever seen groom and infield snd it does such a good job.

You know, in being able to use one piece of equipment, we’ve been able to, you know, really streamline our training process for employees, which makes us more efficient. We’ve been able to eliminate some of the pieces that we had in our capital schedule for the next couple of years to replace because the ABI is able to take the place of two, maybe three or four different pieces, depending on how, you know, a certain operation is set up. For us, it was at least three. And so that saves us money down the road. And being able to invest in either know more ABI Forces or other equipment, too, which will definitely be purchasing more in the future. That’s that’s a given.

Doing 13000 games last year and on pace to do 15000 this year, a rain out really, really affects us. And so being able to recover from a weather event, having the right tools to be able to do that, and the ABI is our tool. The Force is are tool to be able to recover from a rain out and come back and play that night. Because its returned its investment so swiftly and because it’s so versatile. It’s so simple and it works. You know, it just flat out works for us. And what we need to do on such a large scale. We just need more of them. That’s what it comes down to, is that we want to buy more and invest than that because we’ve already got the training process in place. We already know that that the implements work. We know how they work. And, you know, the ABI Force is just what we’ve chosen to go with as far as our infield groomer machine.

But even on a smaller scale operation, maybe a park that only has two or three fields, not having to invest thousands and thousands of dollars into multiple different pieces of equipment.

Just being able to invest in one, train your people in one piece that’s so versatile and simple, that’s maybe a direction that they can go into. The ABI Force has definitely revolutionized and transformed the way that we take care of all of our ball diamonds here in the city of Columbus.