ABI Force – Design Spotlight (Model z18 V1)

The ABI force features a standup riding position for unmatched visibility, that allows operators to take full command over their work. For comfort while getting all that work done, a compression spring floor, kneepad, and comfort grip controls are provided.

The operator has zero-turn maneuverability via intuitive controls to smoothly handle precision turns and quickly transition between forward and reverse operations. An adjustable speed lock enables a predetermined max speed setting for consistent grooming results regardless of the operator.

Just like a motor grader, primary ground engaging attachments are positioned underbelly at the midpoint of the machine between the wheels.

This positioning provides the ultimate ground plane to ensure consistent and level operation. Levers, enable precision fingertip adjustment to hydraulically raise and lower attachments, and adjust their pitch forward backward. And it is spring loaded to provide constant downward force.

ABI’s depth lock, along with a speed lock features help to take operator influence out of the equation for consistent results, regardless of operator skill or experience.

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