ABI Force – Motorized Infield Groomer (Model z18 V1)

Game day. Soon, this dugout will be full of eager players. And these seats occupied with excited fans. But first, you have work to do. Because America’s favorite pastime is your responsibility. The frost is nothing new. And the infield skin still needs to be maintained.

Sure, you could use a hand rake or drag. But why not use a tool that makes maintenance easier? And you’re infield better than ever. A mobile, capable tool that is an extension of your body. Specifically designed with innovative contact points for your infield. A versatile tool with interchangeable components. Because different conditions require different methods of maintenance.

A tool that allows you to see exactly what is happening to the infield skin. A tool that is simple to operate in gives you complete control of the contact points. This is the tool The Force from ABI Sports Turf.

A tool where you can see exactly what you are doing. As if you were doing it by hand. And agile tool with zero-turn maneuverability and endless possibilities. A tool with innovative VibraFlex and profile blade technology. A tool that has been faithfully endorsed by DuraEdge products, the premier installer of Major League Baseball infield surfaces. The Force will leave your infield looking and playing better than ever.

At the end of the day, it’s just dirt to most people, but to you it’s a responsibility. Bring your best game. The Force from ABI Sports Turf.