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ABI Force Z-23 – for Contractors

  • Zero-Turn Multi-Task Vehicle
  • Introducing the ZTV “zero-turn vehicle” to the commercial contracting job site.
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First, ABI revolutionized ballfield maintenance, then redefined finished laser grading with the world’s first zero-turn laser grader, and now, after years of innovation, hard work and determination, ABI leads the market with the patented and innovative line of zero-turn work machines. Introducing the newest tool carrier platform to the industry, the ABI Force ZTV.

ABI’s mission is to empower the world with better ways to get outdoor work done. The ABI Force ZTV is engineered for commercial grade and contractor level work. The only platform versatile enough to master every application imaginable.

The ABI Force revolutionizes a new era of work. The ABI Force ZTV was designed with performance and operator experience at the forefront, ensuring enhanced comfort to get through those long, grueling work days. Zero-turn engineering enables powerful agility and precise maneuverability, making the ABI Force an extension of the human body, empowering a new level of control that ensures better results. The stand-on design puts operators in command of every moment with fingertip control and unparalleled visibility.

The heart and soul of the ABI Force, ZTV is its patented responsive variable force technology. This RVF technology enables a small footprint zero-turn platform to do the work of much larger and heavier equipment with a fraction of the otherwise required tractive effort. Located at the mid underbelly of the ABI Force, the patented are RVF technology hydraulically controls mid-mounted ground-engaging attachments with lift, variable down pressure, and pitch adjustments. This technology enables significant work to be done with a much lighter piece of equipment. And because the ABI Force ZTV is so light, it is now possible to travel to job sites without the need for a CDL truck driver. In addition, the RVF technology empowers operators and eliminates much of the handwork needed on small, tight jobs where using skidsteers and tractors is impossible. All of this while achieving an unprecedented tight grade tolerance.

This reliable commercial grade platform is equipped with a powerful 23 horsepower EFI Kohler engine and beltless drive train, which can be pushed to its limits for quick and efficient work. The ABI Force additionally offers 25 percent greater fuel efficiency, and it easily starts in a cold.

With the expanding line of revolutionary attachments for the ABI Force ZTV, operators can choose from a variety of interchangeable front and mid-mount attachments. These attachments will work with the ABI Force to not only laser-grade, but to tackle infield conditioning, maintenance and renovation, as well as seed and sod prep, turfgrass applications and snow removal. The possibilities of this machine are limitless and up to the imagination.

Never miss a spot with the available rear pivot lift system that brings finishing attachments to a whole new level. The rear attachment system features a swivel-based design that mimics the machine’s movement, increasing tight turning coverage.

The hydraulic rear lift function allows attachments to be picked up from the front, resulting in a feathering of material as if done by hand. So, between the front, mid, and rear attachments. Operators will always experience the incredible versatility, agility and precision of the ABI Force ZTV.

There is always a place for the large laser grading equipment, such as tractors, skidsteers and belly-mounted earthmovers. But in many applications, this equipment is cumbersome and time consuming. But now, with the ABI Force ZTV, those difficult and tight areas that need the precision of laser grading can be tackled with great efficiency. The ABI Force ZTV can be equipped with a complete laser system. The Mid-mount grading box through machine controlled automation guts the high spots and fills the low spots based on the infrared beam received from the transmitter. With the springs activated, the ABI Force achieves grade within a quarter of an inch. Then the springs can be locked out to eliminate the mechanized forgiveness, creating a rigid grading system and ultimately grading within one eighth of an inch accuracy for a precise laser graded finish.

ABI empowers the world with better ways to get outdoor work done. Pushing the innovation of our industry and providing the quality and precise performance that will exceed any expectation.

This is the ABI Force. To find out more and to locate a local dealer, call 574-679-7812. Experience a new era of work with the ABI Force ZTV.