It’s the game; The game that boys and girls both dream dream of playing. The game that grown men and women devote their free time to playing and coaching, to mentoring its youth, and even maintaining its grounds. It’s America’s great pastime. And we are all responsible for its care.

At ABI Sports Turf, we’ve accepted this responsibility by creating a revolutionary zero-turn, self-propelled machine, packed with purpose built features designed specifically for infields. It is built to give you the control necessary to prepare and maintain the safest and most playable infields possible. No other manufacturer has cared enough to build a machine for the sole purpose of taking care of the game.

When it comes to self-propelled insulin groomers, imitation is the standard practice. Transplanted from the golf course industry, these repurposed bunker rakes just drop and drag a nail board or mat, and cannot properly adapt for different conditions you find on a daily basis. So there is a huge difference between grooming an infield and fully preparing an infield for safe and playable games.

At ABI Sports Turf, we care enough to innovate, not imitate. So we designed and developed the ABI Force. This revolutionary, zero-turn, self-propelled machine with purpose built design and attachments gives you the control you need to do the work the way you know should be done. No other tool can prepare an infield and care for the game like the ABI Force. The ABI Force is the only tool that gets work done faster and better than if it had been done by hand.

At the heart of the Force’s innovation is its patented mid-mount spring system that hydraulically provides downward force for real results with less horsepower. This system enables complete and precise control of every mid-mount attachment. When you drop an drag mat or nail board, you relinquish control to the machine. But at ABI, we believe in giving the control back to you. Only when you have complete control, can you fully use the knowledge and care you have for the game to make the field safe and playable.

Simply dragging a mat barely addresses the top quarter inch of the infield skin. The mat follows the contour of the ground and smooths out the footprints, but does not address inconsistent compaction under the surface. This makes it ground ball unpredictable and unsafe. A bunker rake has no operator control and not enough consistent downward pressure to properly engage the surface. But when you combined ABI’s innovative mid-mount spring system with our patent pending VibraFlex technology, you apply the perfect amount of force to break up the surface tension as deep or shallow as your infield needs. This leaves a perfectly consistent half inch of playing surface with no surprises hidden underneath. Peace of mind comes standard on this powerful machine, because fail-proof controls allow operators of all skill levels to create safe and playable infields. And, when needed, you can use the ABI Force’s patented profile blades, which eliminate the need for rototilling and regrading, revolutionizing the way groundskeepers care for the entire profile of an infield.

The ABI Force’s mid-mount spring system, fitted with our profile blades slices through the infield at a precise depth, decompacting and aerating the ground without changing the grade.

Simply reset the infield for play, and in a couple of hours, you have completely changed the way your infield plays. This is the difference between grooming an infield and preparing an infield, and it can only be done with the ABI Force.

But preparing the infield for play hasn’t completed the job. You still have to put on the perfect finish. At the rear of the ABI Force is another operating system with a full line of attachments for finishing the infield. This line covers the traditional range of attachments with everything from drag mats and brooms to coco mats.

At ABI, we also care about the return on your investment. Offering unmatched on and off the field versatility. The ABI Force’s adaptable chassis will make it hard for you to find work it can’t do. You’ll have a Force working hard for you, saving time and money immediately, whether it’s on your infield, your warning track, your turf, or your gravel parking lots.

And now, if what you’ve seen and heard hasn’t been enough, we have taken the Force to another level. For facility managers that need laser graded infields and prefer to grade them in-house, the ABI Force is fully laser compatible, and can be configured with a complete patent pending laser system. The ABI Force laser system can perfectly establish and maintain a fields fair play, playability, drainage, and finish, allowing you to play more often with a higher level of care than ever before.

At ABI, we care about the game as much as you do. We want you to have the right tool that actually prepares your infield for safe and playable games. We want you to have a ABI Force. So to learn more, study our website. And then call our knowledgeable product specialist.

You’ll here to care for the game in our staff, and you will learn how to make the ABI Force a part of your team.