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ABI Force

ABI Force Z-23 – for Sports Fields

  • Zero-Turn Infield Groomer & Laser Grader
  • Purpose built to groom, prepare, and renovate, creating safe & playable surfaces.
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This is for the love of the game. For those that love it, it’s more than just a field. It’s keeping athletes safe and ball fields playable. Preserving America’s pastime. This is the ABI Force, Z23S, the revolutionary multi-function zero-turn machine, built with the sole purpose of caring for the game. Empowering operators to get work done faster and better than ever before, while setting a new standard on safe and playable ballfields.

The ABI Force redefines ballfield maintenance equipment, delivering commercial grade performance, durability and efficiency.

The ABI Force was designed from the ground up with performance and operator experience at the forefront, featuring an ergonomic stand on design, fingertip controls, and unparalleled visibility. The ABI Force optimally positions the operator upright to ensure precise control, peak maneuverability, and enhance comfort during battlefield maintenance.

Engineered for commercial grade and contractor level work. The ABI Force is the only machine versatile enough to tackle fine finish grooming game day preparation as well as tough seasonal renovation and laser grading work. The fully welded tube steel frame is strong and durable, built for dependability with a 23 horsepower EFI engine and a heavy duty two stage cyclonic air filtration system. The ABI Force offers peak power, fuel efficiency, and commercial grade reliability. The easy to access beltless hydrostatic drive train system features dual stacked variable displacement pumps directly coupled to the engine. This not only delivers superior performance, but also improves reliability and reduces machine downtime.

The ABI Force is available with either 24 inch rear air tires or premium traction enhancing tweels. The optional tweels are uniquely designed with full width polyresin spokes that flex when in operation. This provides increased ground contact for improved traction and torque, superior lateral stability and enhanced operator comfort.

The dashboard design is intuitive and user friendly with controls right at your fingertips and in plain sight. The hydraulic steering system features a speed lock function which allows the operator to gage and lock in the machine’s speed for precision work, improved safety, and ease of use for operators of any skill level.

The large open standing deck makes it easy for operators to get on and off the machine, and the spring loaded floor softens the ride when encountering rough and bumpy terrain. The contoured operator pads provide maximum comfort, and the standard sized cup holder and USB chargers give operators additional convenience. At ABI, we believe in giving the operator complete control.

The innovation of the ABI Force is centered around the patented hydraulic mid-mount spring system. With fingertip control and mechanical precision, operators are empowered to make adjustments on the fly to the mid-mount and rear attachments.

The hydraulically controlled spring system allows operators to effortlessly raise lower and pitch mid-mount attachments, as well as provide downward Force to relieve compaction for real results with minimally required horsepower. Plus, to ensure consistent operation from field to field and operator to operator, the user friendly depth lock system allows you to choose how shallow or how deep the mid-mount attachments are engaged.

The available rear pivot lift system brings finishing attachments to a whole new level. Featuring a swivel based design, the rear attachment system mimics the movement of the machine. Increasing tire and tight turn coverage. The hydraulic rear lift function allows attachments to be picked up from the front, similar to feathering done by hand. The ABI Force is available in a variety of configurations for a custom operator experience with several different packages available, the ABI Force helps you care for not only your infield, but for your entire facility. The innovative line of Mid-mount attachments engineered to assist in grooming and preparation of the infield surfaces includes the VibraFlexmini box, tooth bar, multi-function rake, and half ton roller.

For seasonal renovation, there’s the patented profile bladesstealth bladesscarifiers, and patented pro edger. These attachments easily swap in and out for different levels of work. ABI’s rear mount attachments are designed to quickly attach, adjust, and transport for ultimate efficiency. Choose from options like the rigid dragmatfine finish broompro finishercoco matXD drag mat, and rear VibraFlex for expert grooming and infield preparation.

Outside of the infield are various turf grass attachments, including a slit or core aerator, electric broadcast spreader for seed, fertilizer and conditioner, and tow behind cultipacker.

For field installers and facility managers that need a higher level of care for their end fields, the ABI Force Z23SL is fully laser compatible, and can be configured with a complete laser system. Laser graded infields perfectly shed rain, allowing for more games and quicker turn times than ever before. ABI’s laser system works in tandem with the mini box blade and VibraFlex options to transform the ABI Force into a proven, compact, zero-turn laser grading machine.

Packed with purpose built features and attachments. The ABI Force grooms, prepares, renovates, and laser grades infields like no other machine can, making it easier and faster to do more for the love of the game.

Experience game changing innovation from ABI. Experience the ABI Force.