Hi, I’m Carol Williams, and welcome to my farm. I’m a small horse owner operation here, and I’ve got just two horses. The Arena Rascal Pro manages my footing for riding and driving. I have as much cushion as I need for the riding. And when I wanted a little tighter and a little firmer, when I’m driving my cart in my arena, I have it just the way I need it. The adjustability of the Arena Rascal Pro is just perfect.

My horses love the footing. We come out to use the arena and they put their nose right down in the dirt. They want to get right in there cause, you know, we got to get busy and they move right along and they’re very comfortable.

My favorite feature about the Arena Rascal Pro is; I’m a lady and I’m not very strong, and It gives me no problem at all to use. From start to finish. Hooking it up, grooming in the arena, unhooking it, and storing it. It’s a breeze.

I’m the proud owner and user of an ABI spreader. I have the 50 size model. It’s the perfect size spreader for my operation. It takes care of everything we need it to do. I first came to hear about the ABI spreader from one of the company owners, and I was very excited to see that there was going to be another manure spreader on the market. It was relatively new then. He told me I was going to be impressed. And I’d used another brand of manure spreader before, I had no idea how impressed I was gonna be.

The function of the ABI spreader, the double beater bar. There’s just no comparison with the way the manure is chopped and spread off the back of manure spreader for putting it all on the land. It’s so much better to distribute it wider and finer for the decomposition into the soil.

Hooking up the manure spreader is a breeze with the footed jack. You can back right up to it. The jack works very smoothly. The lever mechanism on the ABI manure spreader are very easy to reach from the four wheeler. Being a short person, I prefer to come up here to, and off of the four wheeler to operate them, but they’re very easy to engage and disengage.

One of the things that impressed us with this was this is built like a tank. Compared to the Mill Creek manure spreaders. And prior to buying this, we went ahead and we looked at Mill Creek again. And the manufacturing differences between that brand and this brand were phenomenal. The gauge of the metal is a lot stronger. The overall structure, is. There’s no flex in it. It can take anything you put at it. I use it year round, wintertime too.

I love her and I take care of her.