Welcome to the ABI family and congratulations on the purchase of your TR3. Each ABI tool comes with a custom built palette. For residential deliveries, requesting a liftgate will help offload your new ABI tool. The driver will then lower the liftgate to the ground for easy offloading.

Remove the pallet from the liftgate by connecting a toe strap or chain to the pallet and use a vehicle suited to pull the weight of the tool. Review your ABI delivery checklist to verify nothing is missing from your order. If anything is missing or damaged, mark the delivery as damaged and call the ABI support line. Once all is accounted for, remove your ABI tool from the pallet. Tin snips maybe needed to cut the metal banding that secures your tool to the pallet.

Next, connect your TR3 to the tractor and let’s get ready for setup. Connect the top link and lower three point arms into the top section of holes on your TR3. For those customers who are loading and unloading your TR3 off of a trailer regularly, the lower hull setting will give you the added lift clearance needed.

Each TR3 a ship with a complementary 20 inch top link, but feel free to use your own. Some tractors acquire a smaller top link. So connect accordingly. We must make sure all the ground engaging components are in play. The tires, leveling drag bar, and finished comb need to touch the ground simultaneously. It is best to use a cement pad or level driveway to get the most accurate results. In order to get all the components in play, adjustments must be made by extending or retracting your top link.

If you’re finish comb is off the ground, rotate to extend the top link. If the leveling drag bars off the ground rotate to retract the top link. To check your adjustments, lift the TR3 up off the ground, then lower to check engagement timing. There may be a small space between your components and your level surface, but as soon as the scarifiers are engaged, the TR3 will be pulled into contact with the ground. You are now ready to start using your TR3.