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Hi, everyone. Matt Metzger here with ABI Attachments, welcome back to another episode of ABI Dirt. It is getting hot even here in the Midwest, it’s warming up. For those of you further west and further south, it’s getting even worse. So on today’s episode, we’re going to tackle a Q&A, but it’s going to be all about the water because we need to hear about it. And to answer some of your questions today, you left a lot of questions about water and arenas and and our water trailers. So to help me tackle some of those questions, I’ve invited into ABI Dirt today, a good friend of mine, Kate Gorski. What up Kate?

Hey there.

So Kate is our resident equestrian expert. She also is the face behind the vast majority of the social media posts we have here at ABI. So anytime you comment online or say what’s up, it’s probably Kate responding back. So be nice. Kate’s fantastic. So Kate’s going to help us tackle some of your questions today. And we’re gonna dig right in. All right. So, Kate. First question, baseline question. We actually get pretty often water in the arena. Some people don’t put water in the arena. And you’ve got a lot of people who ask, what are the benefits of watering the arena?

What are the benefits of watering the arena?

We know for you and your horse to have an enjoyable ride is Super-important, for your arena to be watered for a couple of reasons. And that’s to have consistent, stable footing and to keep dust down to a minimum. So water is a binding agent. That means it’s holding your footing together. If your arena is not properly water throughout the entire thing, you’re going to have loose, dry areas and your horse is going to be able to feel those inconsistencies underneath the surface.

How much water to put in an arena?

It all actually depends. It depends on what your footing is, where your arena is located and the depth of your arena. So if your arena is out and during the elements, you’re gonna be running into areas that are going to be drying out too much because of wind and even holding too much water because of rain. It all depends.

How do I know if I’ve got the right amount of water in my arena?

An easy way to determine if your arena is too wet or too dry is by grabbing a handful of your footing. If you grab a handful, squeeze it and open your hand and it crumbles out. It’s a sign that your arena is too dry. If you grab a handful, squeeze it and water runs out. That’s a good sign that your arena is too wet. From there on, you can determine if you need to add water or even let your arena sit for a few days.

Do I need to use a water trailer to get water in my arena?

It all depends on your operation. If you’re using a water hose or sprinkler system, sometimes you’re not watering your arena as consistently and evenly. You’re gonna be running into issues where you’re going to have puddling or you’re gonna be not watering enough or watering too little. So you’re not really in control like you could be with a water trailer, with a water trailer, you have complete control of how much water you’re actually applying to your arena. It’s going to be a consistent flow throughout the entire thing. You know, where in your arena you’re going to add more and where you need to keep driving and not add as much water.

Why don’t we put water tanks on the majority of our three point arena drags?

We’ve designed all of our arena drags to give you as much control as possible while trying to properly prepare your arena. So the weight of the drag will change as you begin entering your arena with a full tank. You begin spraying, and by the end, your tank is going to be empty. So your footing depth is going to be inconsistent throughout the entire thing.Another issue to consider is that the water tank on the three point hitch is just simply not enough to cover your entire arena. You’re gonna have to refill your tank, go back out there and re-water it because the tank is just too small on the three point drag.

I’ve got some green stuff growing in the inside my water trailer. How do we get that cleaned out?

Simple and easy. Our water trailers have a recirculation valve, meaning it’s going to direct the water directly back into the tank. To clean your tank, dump a gallon of bleach into your tank. Turn on your recirculation valve and then simply spray down your gravel driveway.

Kate. Thank you so much for the help today. Love the information. Really appreciate it.

Absolutely. Happy to help.

Thanks for sticking with us on this Q&A session today on water. If you’ve got any additional questions for us, leave them in the comments below. If you’ve got a sprinkler system or if you’re working in the arena and it’s just too darn dusty right now and you’re looking for some better solutions, take a look at the links at the end of the video or here in the description. Our factory reps would be happy to talk about the water trailers here at ABI. And we’d love to get that dust knocked down for you. But until next time. Take care, everybody.