I’m Ed Dabney. I’m a fifth generation horseman. And for over 30 years, I’ve been involved in the training, ranching and movie industries working with horses. I lived in Wyoming for a number of years and worked for several different ranches there, training horses for the ranch cowboys for cattle work. I’ve been involved in a number of major motion pictures with horses that I’ve trained for movie work.

I moved to Georgia a few years ago where we now take horses in for training for individuals. We train in a style of gentle natural horsemanship, teach writing and classical equitation in the style of the French masters of the 16th and 17th century. I’m a two time winner of the East Coast Trainer Challenge and we’re conducting horsemanship clinics now all around The United States as well as in Europe. We start a lot of young horses here, so it’s vital that our round pen and arena is safe, level, and properly conditioned. As these youngsters learn to move around at all gates carrying a rider.

We recently moved to a new location and the arena and this location had not been dragged in over four months. So it was it was hard packed and pockmarked. But after half an hour with the Arena Rascal Pro, it looked like new. The truly revolutionary feature of the Arena Rascal Pro is the profile blade. Profile blades slice the footing from underneath, so it lifts it, fluffs it and avoids the ridges that you would have with a drag that rips the footing with teeth so that the profile blade really in just one pass through your arena will condition the footing from underneath. So it loosens it and and fluffed it up to give it to the cushioning that your horse needs. And then the adjustable rate behind smooths out the footing, fills in holes, keeps it level and just dresses it up nicely. So it’s a it’s a wonderful piece of equipment.

The arena Rasco Pro is easy to use, well designed and adjustable for many different jobs. I even use it to smooth out our gravel driveway and to rake our boarding pastures. I couldn’t be happier with my Arena Rascal Pro. And with a service that I’ve received from the team of professionals at ABI Equine.