Beater bar chain tension and spring adjustment – ABI Ground Drive Manure Spreader

Alright, on your beater bars and widespread. You have a chain, a spring right here. And this sets your tension and keeps tension on your chain. If this ever breaks, what you’re gonna want to do is come up front and on the rod that runs down the side here in front, in the corner, there’s a cotter pin. You’re gonna want to remove the cotter pin. Pull the rod out after you pull the rod out. Then you can push this forward or backwards. And when you do, it’ll flex right here in the center and push the spring in. And that gives you a little bit of extra leeway to maneuver to get the rod out and to put the new spring on.

Once you have it out of the keeper right here and you’ll be able to pull this back, flip it up and pull it out of the notches. You notice it’s a flat stock here and then there’s notches cut on both sides. So you need to flip this back this way once a rod is unattached, then you’ll be able to turn it, and pop that straight out.

Now, the only other thing that happens is once in a while, after years of use, their chain will start to get too much slack in it. If that happens in the spring keeps coming undone. But the spring is not broken. Then what you need to do is locate the master link on the chain. You’ll take the back keeper off the back of the master link. And you. It’s a retaining clip. You pull the retaining clip off, remove the keeper, pull out the master link, and then you’ll need to grind off one of the tabs on each end and remove a link a chain and then put the master link back in and you’re back in business.

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