Clinton Anderson Discusses Horse Arena Maintenance

My name is Clint Anderson. I’m the owner and president of Downunder Horsemanship. I’ve been on United States now 15 years since 2013 now. So we’ve come a long way since the very beginning when I first came over here, and that’s been a tremendous experience. So I travel the world teaching people about my method of training horses. And our core purpose here at Downunder Horsemanship is to inspire the dreams of horsemen.

I met Bob and Jim about fifteen years ago when I first came over here, I heard that they were the best in the business when it came to arena footing and designing arenas and building them. And I needed an arena built and walked on. So I hired them and they sold me my first drag. That was when they were making drags themselves. So I’ve had a long relationship with them over the years. They’ve built three different ranches for me and lots of different arenas and consulted with a lot of my customers and done a phenomenal job. And then at some point they teamed up with ABI and the rest is kind of history. I think it was a phenomenal combination between the two people. One of them brought a lot of expertise with arena dirt consulting and building drags, and the other ones came to the table with a lot of marketing skills, innovation, inspiration, and brought the whole package together. And ABI is absolutely obsessed with innovation, making things better. So with their drive for that kind of skill in the world with horses and footing, it was a great marriage.

I’ve been doing business with ABI now for a little over 10 years and they are a phenomenal company. I have no problem recommending to any of their customers.

No other drag company in the world even comes close to the amount of products that ABI have and the innovation behind them. Bob and Jim and ABI have really changed the whole way that people think about arena drags and footing in the world of horses. They’ve really educated the equine world about why it’s important to take care of your footing needs. You know, you don’t ask a professional golfer to go golf in a pasture horse pasture you somewhere. You know, why would you ask your horse to do the same thing?

Well, it’s been a big change in the last 15 years about what equipment has really dominated, you know, years and years ago I used to see a lot of Reveal N1 equipment out there, it was a yellow drag, kind of prehistoric now by what we’ve got out there now. But for its time, it was good for its time. I saw a lot of those drags around some Priefert drags, not a lot, but my mainly Reveal N1.

ABI products have completely dominated everywhere I go with horses. Major horse shows, major equine facilities to do tours at, people’s arenas that they ride in. And it’s it’s pretty much they’ve dominated now. And I can tell why. Because their products are just better. They have better education behind them and they care about the customer. They are a one stop shop from, you want to build an arena and you haven’t even broke ground, to here’s the drag you take care of it. Once they build it, they can take care of it all for you. So it’s it’s kind of no surprise they basically left a competition in the dust because the competition didn’t bother to keep innovating. The competition says he’s a drag. That’s good enough. You’re a horse owner. You should accept it. ABI said, what do you want better? What can we do better? And they just continue that. So it’s no surprise where they dominate the industry now.

You don’t have to be a professional horse trainer to care about the footing in your arena and care about your horse, because, you know, we all care about the health of their horse. So when you’ve got bad footing, it’s inevitable. Eventually you’re going to have vet bills, you’re going to have problems with tendons, problems with hoof cracks, you know quarter cracks, abscesses, etc. So it’s really important that you take care of it, even if you’re not a professional, but you “don’t get paid to do it”, or you’re not competing on the national level. Again, it’s not that you have to buy the most expensive drag that ABI make. You can find a drag that suits your needs. You just have a small round pen. You just have a small arena. They have something that can take care of those needs for you. So just like you would care about your horses vaccinations, you’d care about what he gets fed, you care about the saddle on his back. Why wouldn’t you care about what he what he walks or performs on? That seemed like it’d be almost one of the most important things to care about.

You know, I have a saying that I tell people, I say expensive’s cheap. And what I mean by that is my dad always instilled in me as a young boy, you get what you pay for. You know, if you buy something cheap, it is cheap. And usually it breaks very quickly or it doesn’t do its job or both. OK. So right from the earliest time I can remember, you know, as kids, my sister and I and my parents would call what I’d call average income. They weren’t rich by any means and they weren’t poor to probably average income. So we got a birthday present. We got a Christmas present, and that was about it. Anything else we wanted to buy as kids, we had to save our money to go buy extra clothes, toys, whatever we wanted. They had told us, you can go get you buy whatever you want, but you got to go make the money. So early on in our lives, we had lots of jobs as kids, newspapers, mowing lawns, washing windows, cars, you name it. We made money. And even from a young age, I can remember, I always wanted the best of everything. And a lot of the times I couldn’t afford the best. So I just keep saving. I keep saving. I keep saving until I could afford the very best. And I bought that particular piece of equipment. I took care of it and it lasted me years and years. On the rare occasion where I broke my own rules and I’d gone and bought something that’s a lot cheaper and not as good a quality, but I’ve said, “ah, well, I know I’ll get away with this this time”, it bites me in the butt every single time. Every single time. I’m disappointed about how it performs. I’m disappointed about the quality of the product and it eventually breaks. And then usually then I’m so frustrated I have to go buy another one. So I go buy what I should have bought in the first place. Now I spent almost double the amount of money. I bought, the original one that I should’ve bought and then I also bought this other one that was a complete waste of money.

Whether it’s Manure spreaders, arena drags, or watering systems, ABI have the innovation, the dedication to take care of your ranch, from start to finish mate. When you want the very best for you and your ranch, make sure you go to, yo check out that line of innovation products of the very best.

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