Your property is your passion, your freedom, your home. It’s not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. Give your land the best care with the right tool, an attachment that’s the best match for your tractor and your property, an attachment so versatile, it can tackle any project you can dream up. Command your land with the one tool that does it all, the TR3 E, Property Edition from ABI Attachments.

The TR3 E Property Edition combines the function of a box bladelandscape rakechain harrow, pulverizer and land plane, all into one patented design. This innovation not only eliminates the need to buy all of these implements separately, it gets more work done with better results faster than you thought possible.

ABI has designed the newest TR3 with a rural property owner in mind, for use with sub-compact and compact tractors. The TR3 E Property Edition can renew gravel driveways and tackle general property maintenance with ease, all with one tool from the seat of your tractor.
Proudly made in the USA, the TR3 E Property Edition is available in six foot, seven foot and eight foot widths, and is quick hitch and match compatible, making it simple to connect and easy to operate.

The TR3 E Property Edition is complete gravel driveway resurfacing system. It recycles existing gravel, creates a level and smooth driving surface and restores rough pothole and washboard filled driveways back to new. The heavy duty components also make it easy to cultivate, level and prepare other soil surfaces around your property.

The TR3 E Property Edition is stabilized by two substantial depth and crown control wheels. A properly prepared driveway needs to have a consistent loosened gravel depth and be crowned so it can easily percolate and shed rainwater. The adjustable wheels control the depth of loosening and maintain level and consistent grading. The wheels can be offset from side to side to establish a crown on your driveway. The loosening teeth give the TR3 E Property Edition the bite for tough dirt and gravel work. These cast and hardened teeth are adjustable to lucid from zero to six inches deep to get to the bottom of potholes and properly prepare soil for seating.

To lower the ongoing maintenance costs, the tips are easily replaceable. The integrated self leveling box blade is a simple solution for grading driveways and leveling soil. The self-leveling action eliminates the need for a skilled operator that makes it easy to create a consistently level surface. The self-leveling box blade is adjustable. It can be used in the floating position or locked down to move larger amounts of material.

The adjustable pulverizing and finish rake is made of half inch thick hardened steel. This laser cut rake pulverizes clumps of gravel and clay, prepare soil and resets gravel. When operating in reverse, the rake can push loose material in to low areas, rip out vegetation and push debris into piles.
The available profile blades complete this gravel driveway resurfacing system. The patented profile blades cut below a previously loosened surface slicing horizontally through the gravel driveway to eliminate ruts and restore existing gravel back to new. These blades also uproot weeds and grass from driveways with no chemicals required.

To learn more about the TR3 E Property Edition, its current pricing, promotional offers and low monthly payment options, call our toll free number at 877-788-7253 and speak with one of our knowledgeable product specialists. Command your land with a TR3 E Property Edition, the one tool that does it all.