If I were a tournament director and I was looking at parks throughout the United States, I would certainly look at E-Town as being at the top of the list because for several reasons. Number one, we’re in a great location. Many large metropolitan areas are within just a few hours drive. We’re in central Kentucky right next to the interstate. So that allows just a few hours to six states and then beyond. But beyond that, we have a professional staff here, beyond myself, the park director and our operations and event coordinators. I’ve been doing this a long time and they’re very skilled at what they do. The staff, the operations and the maintenance staff are very skilled at what they do.

We put on a good event. We keep the park as pristine as we can. And we know that the people coming in, that they create the economic impact for our community, that they need to have a good experience when it comes to playing at Elizabethtown Sports Park, and we do our best to accommodate them the best that we can. Simple things like having great playing fields but also having clean bathrooms and trash pickup. Those are the key things.

We want people to come here and just rave about the park. And we have a lot of key features for them that go beyond the fields. We have fantastic fields with sports lighting and so they can play in just about all hours of the day and night. We have wonderful concession operation with several different options there for everyone. We have our pavilions, which are beautiful block buildings with cover so we can get shade and those hot summer days. And also going back to the fields, we have the shade structures on the fields for those hot summer days. So Mom and dad can get out of the sun a little bit.

Just have a lot of different amenities here at the park that really sets us apart than most sports complexes in the US. And the fact that we have twelve ball diamonds really helps because we can accommodate all different age groups and have several games going at one time so the tournament directors can bring several teams. We’ve had upwards of 80 ball teams playing on a weekend tournament were all twelve diamonds are in use. We’ve had over 100 soccer teams come play on our soccer fields. Youth football, we’ve accomodated that, lacrosse. We’re just a well rounded park. A lot of times you see a park that they focus on one thing. They have baseball fields all in or they have soccer fields only. Well, we have it all so we can pollinate just about everyone here. And that’s our main goal.

The local tourism department bureau here in Elizabethtown is our first main contact, of and get you the information to look at hosting or joining an event here that is already on the schedule.