Everybody’s property is different. Everybody’s arena and footing is different. How riders like their footing groomed is different between disciplines and even between individuals. In this episode, Matt walks through the various components of the Arena Rascal Pro and demonstrates how we intentionally engineered the Arena Rascal Pro to be the most versatile ATV/UTV arena drag. This flexibility allows you to dial in the results you want and get your arena just the way you like it.

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ABI Gravel Rascal ATV Grader & UTV Grader

ABI Gravel Rascal Pro

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Hi, everyone. Matt here again with the ABI DIRT. Thanks for joining us again today. Last time you were with us or maybe you weren’t with us but I was here. Last time we talked about the Arena Rascal Pro, talked about the history and how it’s been around for 20 years now. And it’s been built specifically for you, if you have an ATV or UTV, and that’s all that you’ve got and you wanna take great care of your arena. Today, I wanna actually talk you through kind of, component by component. So you can get your eyes on the product and we can see how it works and how the different ground engaging components work in conjunction. We’ll talk even some of the adjustability there, that gives you all kinds of control so that you can modify the tool in all kinds of arena types. Let’s take a look.

Today however, we’re gonna take a pivot away from tractors and talk about America’s favorite tow-Here we are with the Arena Rascal Pro. I know it looks a bit different cause we don’t have our tongue in right now, forgive me there. We’re gonna talk through piece by piece of this Arena Rascal Pro. So you can get an idea of how the different components and adjustments work together. We’ll start at the front of the tool here and work our way back. You can see that front here, we have got kind of a square tube receiver that is for the square tongue that fits in. Square tongue goes up to your tow vehicle, your four wheeler, your side by side. It comes standard with a drop pin hitch. However, we do have ball hitch available, if you are so inclined, if you’ve got other attachments on your property. The way to think of it, if how do I know if you want a drop pin hitch or a ball hitch? What’s currently on the back of your four Wheeler? If it’s drop pin, use drop pin. If you have a ball back there already that’s probably what you need.

So front hitch up here, this piece, ignore it. Sorry, this is a trade show unit. So this actually holds TVs and TVs don’t come standard with the Arena Rascal Pro. So that’s for the trade show unit. As you move backward, the first component, that actually touches the soil, is the gauge wheel. And remember, here at ABI Attachments the tires aren’t just tires, they’re gauge wheels. They’re darn near magical. All right? Not only do they allow you to transport this attachment across your property without teared up driveway or lawn or barn or this, that and the other because you can actually get the ground engage components off the ground, but then once you’re in your arena once you set the depth here and you mark the depth, so you know how deep you want to go in your arena you can keep a consistent depth with your ground engaging components. And we can talk all about that. In fact, I think there’s some customer support videos, here at ABI attachments about how to do that.

So remember, not just tires they are gauge and transport wheels. They keep your property looking nice and they give your footing a nice consistent depth. To adjust the depth of these gauge wheels, we have got, on this unit already installed, an electric actuator. Now, I’m gonna talk about options in the next episode, but the electric actuator allows you to, with the wiring harness that connects up to your tow vehicle, allows you to sit on your tow vehicle and raise and lower the Arena Rascal Pro from the seat of your tow vehicle. Remember, this is an option when you receive or if you’ve recently received your Arena Rascal Pro and you did not upgrade to the electric actuator, what you have in its place right here, is actually this exact same square jack that allows you to manually crank the gauge wheels up and down, to raise and lower the tool, so that you can transport it or find that right depth in your arena. So this is the transport and depth gauge system.

Next ground engage component on the Arena Rascal Pro is this mid mount section. There are a couple of things that can go here. What’s currently installed is the profile blade. Now we’ve got this profile blade installed to show you how the profile blade can ride under your footing right across the top of your base, to keep that base clean. So this is something that, we invented actually here at ABI Attachments, to ride across that base, clean your base. Also here in this mid mount section, you’ve got scarifiers and even food plot discs available, but the profile blade and the scar fires come standard. You can see here that we’ve got four different depth options. So in addition to these stabilizing wheels, these gauge wheels, being able to help you control your depth, you can also control depth by changing where these components are pinned in. You can see that these profile blades are nose down a little bit. The angle of this component is completely adjustable by this center top link or turn knuckle here in the middle of the tool. As you extend or contract this turn knuckle, this entire frame pitches forward or back allowing you to change the angle of this mid mount component. Why is that helpful? Well, depending on what you’ve got pinned in here you might need a different angle of engagement. The profile blade needs to run completely parallel to your base, whereas the scar fires, need to have about a 35 or 40 degree angle of engagement to really penetrate hard pan. So that’s what this adjustment feature is for, on this mid mount component.

The last ground engaging component on the Arena Rascal Pro is, the finish rake, here in the back. This is a half inch thick, AR 235 abrasive resistance steel. This finish rake is what allows you to take care of all of the clods and burst up all the clods that are brought up from this mid mount component. So if anything came up, that can break those up. It also gives a nice signature finish, through your arena. So it gives you that corduroy look that ABI attachments are known for. And this also when used in the arena has the ability to re-firm up that top footing. So remember whatever this mid mount component breaks up whatever it loosens, whatever it airifies and breaks up the compaction in your footing, this finish rake then not only levels out that surface but also allows you to press some of the air back out and you can control how much pressure you’re putting on this finish rake and control how much air is left in your footing by this second square Jack here. So this square Jack allows you to control the angle of engagement on this finish rake so that you can either press more air out or allow your footing to keep more air in it as you’re grooming your arena on a regular basis.

That’s all I’ve got today everyone. I hope that gives you a decent idea of how the different components on that Arena Rascal Pro work in conjunction to give you the maximum amount of control when you’re working in your arena or other places around your property. As always, remember we’ve got an in-house team of customer service representatives, as well as factory reps, that can talk you through the best setup and the best situation and ground engaged component for the application you’re in. So whether you’re looking at an Arena Rascal Pro that you don’t have yet but you will, cause you want one or whether you already have one and you just had some questions don’t hesitate to give us a call. See you next time.