When it’s time to get serious work done and every minute of your day counts, you need an attachment that can get more work done with better results faster than you thought possible. Designed to be a complete one tool does it all solution, the Gravel Rascal Pro is an attachment that actually makes a difference for you and your property. Command your land with the Gravel Rascal Pro from ABI Attachments.

With the Gravel Rascal’s innovative features in commercial quality construction, you can grade driveways and parking lots, repair rutted trails, prep for seeding lawns and pastures, groom horse arenas, and much more.

Giving the gravel Rascal Pro the teeth for tough dirt and gravel work, the loosening teeth can easily loosen a gravel driveway and eliminate potholes. These cast and hardened teeth bite up to six inches deep and are easily kept sharp with replaceable tips.

The profile blades complete this gravel driveway resurfacing system. The patented profile blade cut below a previously loosened surface, slicing horizontally through the gravel driveway to eliminate ruts and restore existing gravel back to new. These blades also uproot weeds and grass from driveways with no chemicals required.

The adjustable pivoting rake can easily pulverize, grade, rake and finish. The one half inch thick hardened steel rake and pivot up to 90 degrees in a variety of finishing and grading positions. The pivoting rake is designed to beautifully finish gravel driveways and parking lots, collect and refill accessible washed out gravel material, leave a perfect uncompressed seedbed, and even break up aeration cores and manure in a pasture.

The Gravel Rascal Pro’s electric actuator or option is a perfect choice for easy operation. Rugged, powerful and finely tuned, the available electric actuator enables easy control of the wheel lift system from the seat of the tow vehicle using the convenient wired handlebar mounted controller. This option significantly enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of the Gravel Rascal Pro and allows the operator to quickly lift the tool for transport, easily cut and fill grade material, and set the depth of the ripping teeth or profile blades. For additional versatility. Other control options are available, including a complete wireless kit with remote control. Or for UTVs, have your dealer install an aftermarket dashboard controller.

The Gravel Rascal Pro’s crown control feature is designed to reestablish crowned driveways. A properly prepared driveway needs to have a consistent slope or crown to easily shed rainwater. The wheels can be offset from side to side to reestablish a crown on your driveway.

Add more earth moving muscle with a mini box blade. The available heavy duty mini box blade simply attaches to the finish rake, providing users the ability to carry material like a box blade, cutting high spots and filling in low spots. After the tough scarifiers bust up potholes and wash outs, the mini box blade finishes the renovation by leveling the newly loosened gravel. Offsetting the stabilizing tires allows the mini box blade to pull material off the edge and towards the center, ensuring proper drainage and preventing potholes.

The available three point adapter transforms the Gravel Rascal Pro for use with a subcompact tractor for even greater efficiency. Once installed, this design allows for quick swapping between ATV and three point tractor connection. The Gravel Rascal pro from ABI Attachments puts innovation to work for you and your property. Get more work done with better results faster than you thought possible with a Gravel Rascal Pro. The toughest and most versatile ATV tool on the market. Command your land with the Gravel Rascal Pro.