How to adjust the tension on the wide spread chain – ABI Ground Drive Spreader

After a while, you may start to get slop in your chain. What happens is you have the beater bars or shredders which are here. These connect to the shaft right here and it’s turned on the other side by the wheel. And then this shaft connects to the widespread paddles at the back. And this, of course, makes a widespread turn when you’re beaters are turning. Now, if this change starts to get loose after a while, there’s two ways of setting the tension.

First, if you’re going to set the tension on both sides, there will be three bolts that hold the rotating bracket on. So you release it. So you’ll loosen all three bolts on both sides. And as you’ll notice, there’s about a half inch gap when you get it new in here for tensioning. So what you’ll do this will be pretty much a two person job because after losing all six bolts, you’ll pull the shaft back even, so it’s straight side to side, and then have somebody tighten all six bolts on each side and you’re back in business. Now, after many years of use, chains stretch just like on your bicycle when you’re a kid, they always do the same thing.

If they start to stretch again, you’ll find a master link on the chain. You’ll remove the outer retaining clip simply by taking. You can take a screwdriver and take a hammer and lightly tap on it, but make sure you don’t hit it hard. Once it starts to come off, these are spring clips. So once they get loose, they fling up. So just get it started and then get a pair of needle nose pliers, grab onto it, pull it out. And after the retaining clip, there is what they call a keeper. It’s just a flat piece of stock with the two holes and pull both those off and then pull your master link off and then you’ll have to go again. Grind the two ends off of one of the links so that you’ll take out a link, put it back together with your master link, put on your keeper plate and then you’re retaining clip here, and you’re back in business.