Each new day, when we step on the field, we strive to build upon our best. At ABI we didn’t just set out to create another infield groomer with the Infield Rascal, our purpose was clear. Develop innovative technologies to advance the game.

The Infield Rascal has the remarkable ability to elevate player safety, insure fair ball play and increase grounds crews efficiency to proprietory infield surface grooming technology.

These technologies proven so effective that DuraEdge, the premier installer of major and minor league infield surfaces, has exclusively endorsed the Infield Rascal in the groomer market. So let’s take a look at these innovative technologies.

ABI’s patent pending VibraFlex technology is a complete reimagining of the way infields are groomed. The VibraFlex groomer is available in two models to suit any facility needs.

Evenly staggered U pins transfer vibration and flex from front to back, dancing along the infield to shatter surface tension and groom any engineered infield mix, conditioner or native soil. The 1/8 inch, 1/4 inch, or 3/8 inch pins are easy to replace or exchange and are mounted at an angle to create for staggered rows to best suit surface conditions.

ABI’s patent pending profile blade technology slices the complete profile of the infield material relieving compaction from 1 to 3 inches beneath the infield surface. This is accomplished without displacing the material, enabling mid-season renovations and eliminating the need to the laser grade after light renovation work is complete. Profile blades also have the ability to cut weeds and grass at the root level to remove creeping grasses from infields and warning tracks as well as removal lip buildup from along the outfield edge.

The Infield Rascal’s quick attach finishing options make it easier than ever to achieve just the right finish, no matter the infield surface condition. Quickly swap between the available ABI rigid drag mat with leveling bar, the extreme duty flexible mat, the coco mat, or the fine finish broom. No tools are required.

The patented wheel lift system is operated either with a manual jack or optional electric actuator and serves three purposes. The first is for easy transport on and off the field and around the facility. Secondly, these wheels guage control the maximum depth of penetration into the surface. Whether that is a quarter inch deep for frequent grooming or two to three inches deep for renovation, the compaction relief work. The third purpose of the wheel lift system is to allow easy access to swap out underbelly components. Because of these three benefits, the operator is in complete control.

The Infield Rascal lineup includes three models, each designed to suit the needs of a variety of facilities. The Infield Rascal Rookie is designed for light use, budget minded and results focused facilities. Standard Rookie configuration includes a bolted together main frame, support tires, a Beiber flex groomer, a rigid drag mat with a leveling bar and a 12 month limited warranty. The Infield Rascal Pro is designed for daily commercial use on high performance infield surfaces from high schools to the professional leagues.

The standard Pro configuration includes a durable welded main frame, large flotation tires, a VibraFlex groomer, profile bladea, a rigid drag mat with a leveling bar, and a 36-month limited warranty.

The Infield Rascal MVP is designed for daily commercial use on high performance infield surfaces. Plus, it has the amazing ability to transform into a multi-purpose ground prep tool for extreme renovation work. This tool is a top performer both on and off the field.

The standard MVP configuration includes a welded main frame that can handle punishing demands, large flotation tires, a VibraFlex groomer, profile blades, ripping teeth, a rear finishing rake that can pivot and grade material, a rigid drag mat with a leveling bar and a 36-month limited warranty.

No matter your facility needs, The Infield Rascal line by ABI Sports Turf can help assure that your ballfields have the best playing surfaces in the region. To learn more about the Infield Rascal from ABI, visit our web site at, or call an equipment specialist at 877-788-7253.