At ABI Sports Turf, our unrelenting desire to always be innovative and strong belief that trust is earned, has produced the industry’s most comprehensive and effective line of infield surface maintenance equipment. With hundreds of ABI groomers in use at baseball and softball facilities throughout the United States and Canada, ABI Sports Turf is proud to introduce the Infield Rascal MVP, the professional grade infield groomer that is a proven top performer both on and off the field.

Unmatched in effectiveness and versatility, the Infield Rascal MVP is designed for daily commercial use on both recreational and professional-level infield surfaces. Plus, it has the amazing ability to transform into a multi-purpose ground prep tool for seasonal renovation work. During seasonal renovation, it can decompact extremely hard infield surfaces and warning tracks, eliminate lip buildup along the turf edge, remove weed growth and creeping grasses at the root level, and even tackle gravel parking lot restoration and seedbed preparation jobs around the facility. No matter the level of play, condition of the field, infield surface material, or moisture available, the Infield Rascal MVP has the technology to put your best game on the field. Before we take a closer look at the patent pending attachments that groom and renovate the infield surface, let’s first take a quick tour of this pended tool.

At the core of the MVP is commercial grade construction and superior craftsmanship, all protected by a 36-month warranty. The patented wheel lift system provides precision control over the Infield Rascal and is operated either with a manual jack or the available electric actuator. This system raises and lowers the MVP chassis for easy transport around the facility. But most importantly, it holds underbelly attachments at a consistent ground penetration depth during operation.

The available electric actuator enables on the fly control of the Rascal from the seat of the towed vehicle. The actuator is a huge timesaver when used during renovation work or for multi-field facilities. A small and convenient controller is provided, or the actuator may be additionally operated with the available wireless remote. The Rascal rides on large 16 and a half inch tall by 8 inch wide tires, to ensure consistent grooming results on the field and efficient transport off the field. With four available underbelly ground engaging attachments, a pivoting multi-function rake, and four available final finishing attachments, the Infield Rascal MVP can be configured to take on nearly any task or any field condition.

For daily grooming, the patent pending VibraFlex attachment is a complete reimagining of infield grooming. Evenly staggered u-pins transfer vibration and flex from front to back, dancing along the surface, shattering surface tension to properly groom any infield. The VibraFlex groomer is available on two models to suit facility needs. The 1/8 inch, 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch pins are easy to replace or exchange, and are mounted at an angle to create four staggered rows to best suit surface conditions.

For seasonal renovation work, the patent pending profile blade attachment yields unparalleled decompaction results, slicing the complete profile of the infield material from a half inch to three inches beneath the infield surface. This is accomplished without displacing the material, reducing the need to laser grade after the work is complete. Occasionally, decompacting the infield surface encourages a quick draining and consistent playing ball field. Profile blades also have the ability to cut weeds and grass at the root level to remove creeping grasses from infields and warning tracks, as well as remove lip build up along the turf edge.

Off the field, the ripper teeth give this tool the teeth for tough, dirt work. Now the Rascal can rejuvenate a parking lot, eliminate potholes and washouts, or prepare soil for seeding.

The half inch thick, hardened steel multi-function rake can be manually pitched via the top jack to quickly finish renovation work by breaking up and smoothing out dirt clods, pulling loose material into low areas, pulling vegetation debris into piles, and much more.

Off the field, it excels in grading and finishing gravel parking lots and more. Level infields like never before with the mini Box blade. ABI’s mini box blade attachment gives the Infield Rascal MVP extra earth moving muscle and unmatched versatility. With the optional electric actuator, you can quickly and effectively carry material, grade, and level with finesse. The mini box blade easily mounts to the Infield Rascal MVP’s finishing rake with easy spin-on locks.

The Infield Rascal’s quick-swap finishing attachments make it easier than ever to achieve just the right finish, no matter the infield surface condition and with no tools required. The rigid drag mat with its leveling bar is the all purpose attachment that will float material to fill low areas and drag the surface ready for play. If the surface is already clod free and level, then the fine finish broom creates the best finish for both high and low moisture conditions. The Coco mat is an ideal solution to get wet fields ready for gametime. The extreme duty flexible mat is designed to quickly break down small clay clods and reset a surface after light renovation work. All four of the rear quick-swap finishing attachments may be manually latched out of play for transport.

When you own an Infield Rascal MVP, along with an assortment of available attachments, you are equipped with a premier utility tool helping you take command of your work. This is important work. Work that provides a safer field for kids, helps keep college and pro dreams alive, and work that serves our communities with the opportunity to live a healthy and fun life.

It’s just dirt to most people, but to you it’s a responsibility. Bring your best game. The Infield Rascal MVP by ABI Sports Turf. To learn more about the Infield Rascal MVP, visit our website at or call and equipment specialists at 877-788-7253.