IR MVP – Chapter 3 – Stabilizing Wheels

These tires serve four different functions for the MVP. First, they offer quick and easy transport from all parts of the complex.

Secondly, these tires keep the Infield Rascal from pitching from side to side with making tight turns on an infield. With groomer’s that don’t have significant stabilizing wheels, the attachments can pitch side to side, gouging your infield and leaving a very inconsistent service. But not with a Rascal MVP. Our stabilizing wheels will keep the frame and its ground engaging attachment stable, giving you consistent infield material.

The third function of the stabilizing wheels is to allow the Infield Rascal to float on loose or wet material, which will keep it from sinking into the soft spots, which again would give you an inconsistent depth. When it comes to a stabilizing tire, size does matter. The taller and the wider the tire is, the more stable a pull behind implement will be. Don’t be fooled by the little tires found on other infield groomers. They just don’t do the job. The ABI stabilizing tires are real tires with replaceable hubs and spindles and bearings for long service life.

But the fourth and ultimate function of these tires is that they give you the operator control of all the ground engaging attachments that go with the Infield Rascal MVP. It is critical that you have control of your infield groomer. Why is this important? Because an attachment with no operator control will never produce consistent results. Never. Let me say that again. An operator who has no control over the ground engaging attachment can never get consistent results. The moisture in your ground changes from day to day. The conditioner’s moved around during the games. How hard or soft and infield is changes from week to week with the weather and the volume of play. Your infield is never the same. And if you want an infield where the ball bounces true, athletes stay safe, and you’re most traffic areas properly manage moisture, then you must have control of the infield groomer and not be satisfied with an attachment that just flops around while you drive in circles. The tires on the Infield Rascal MVP allow you to control the amount of weight and pressure applied to your infield.

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