IR MVP – Chapter 6 – Ripper Teeth

Now that I’ve walked you through the details of the Infield Rascal MVP, let’s look at all the attachments available to this revolutionary infield groomer.

You will notice that on this display stand are all of the ABI ground engaging attachments. Not all of them will work on all the Infield Rascals, so it’s important for you to know which ones will and which ones won’t work for the Rascal that you are most interested in. All of these attachments are available for the MVP. However, the Pro cannot use a scarifiers and the Rookie cannot use a scarifiers or the profile blades.

The first attachment on the stand is a row of scarifying, or ripping teeth. These teeth come standard with the Infield Rascal MVP, but are not available on the infield Rascal Pro or Rookie. Let me say upfront that these ripping teeth were not made to be used on an infield. Once in a great while, we have had a customer use them for installation of a new infield or complete renovation, but they are not designed to be used on a daily basis. It’s these Scarifiers, or ripping teeth, that make the Infield Rascal MVP powerful for off the field work, such as grading gravel parking lots, seabed preparation, or trail maintenance. These ripping teeth are made with a casted shake and a bolt on replaceable tip. It can penetrate the ground from a half an inch to seven inches deep.