IR MVP – Chapter 9 – Profile Attachment

Now, on this side of the display stand, we first had the profile blades that come standard with a Infield Rascal MVP. As I mentioned earlier, these profile blades are primarily designed for light renovation and decompaction work. I already explained why this is so critical for proper infield maintenance, so I won’t bore you by going through that again. However, the profile blades are the only way to decompact your infield without pushing around the material and taking it out of grade.

When you use perpendicular loosening teeth such as a traditional nail board or a box scraper or rototiller, there is no way not take away the grade of the infield, and the grade is critical to safe play and proper and quick percolation of rainwater.

These profile blades slice beneath the surface of the infield, similar to a sod cutter, or like a knife that’s going through butter, and it will lift and aerate the infield mix from a depth of a half an inch to three inches. And you don’t lose your grade. All you have to do to reset the infield is to run the VibraFlex drag over it a few times while pulling a heavy duty drag net behind, and your surface will be ready to play in just a few hours.

Additionally, this profile blades can be used to remove vegetation at the root level without using a herbicide such as Roundup. This is becoming a bigger issue throughout the United States. Also, many of our customers use the profile blades for removing the creeping grasses along the edge of the infield. I recommend that you edge the outfield line and then use the profile blade to slip under the vegetation and the unwanted creeping grass will peel right up. This is an incredible timesaver.

And we often get questions about the wear life on these blades. And the answer is. It all depends. It depends on the type of material you have. It depends on how often you use them and where you use them. For most customers who use the profile blades just a few times a year, they will last for many seasons.

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