IR PRO – Chapter 4 – Wheel Lift System

And this leads us to our patented wheel lift system that controls the stabilizing wheels. By simply spinning the handle of this two thousand pound crank jack, you could easily raise and lower the stabilizing wheels of the Infield Rascal Pro. This allows you to control the ground engaging attachments that come with a Rascal Pro.

Although this wheel lift system is controlled with a manual jack, one of the options that you can purchase is an electric actuator that lets you raise and lower the wheels from the seat of your tow vehicle. This actuator has a bar mounted thumb controller or you may want to purchase the wireless remote, which is an option. This wheel lift system serves three purposes.

First, it allows The Rascal to be lifted off the ground for easy transport on and off the field and around your facility. Secondly, it allows you to gage and control the maximum depth of penetration into the surface. Whether that be a quarter inch deep for daily grooming or half inch to three inches deep for light renovation work. When your infield is extremely hard, the wheels may be raised out of play to allow the full weight of the tool to be placed on the ground for more aggressive action. Finally, when the wheels are all the way down and the frame is lifted up in the air; this allows you easy swapping out of the underbelly components.