IR PRO – Chapter 5 – Attachments

And in a minute, I’m going to take you through all of the mid-mount and finish attachments that the Infield Rascal Pro can receive. But first, I’d like to give you an overview of the VibraFlex drag and the profile blades for the Infield Rascal Pro. On this Infield Rascal pro, we have the VibraFlex attachment mounted. And we call this the VibraFlex attachment because of the action it offers to your surface. This technology was designed to conjunction with Grant McKnight and DuraEdge, so we know we got it right.

When daily grooming an infield, it is critical that you produce the exact results you want, regardless of the condition of your ground. The VibraFlex attachment allows you to get these results instead of using a homemade nail board which gouges the infield when wet and hops around on top when the ground is too hard.

The VibraFlex tines flex with the condition of the infield and vibrates side to side, literally dancing across the infield to properly shatter surface tension. So with the controls of the Infield Rascal Pro, this action produces a beautifully consistent mix in your soils and conditioners at the exact depth that you design. So that’s the VibraFlex attachment and I’ll get into more detail in just a moment. But now let’s talk about the big one. The one attachment of ABI infield groomers that has the whole industry buzzing and our competitors scrambling.

Let’s talk about the profile blade attachment. ABI has invented the way to manage one of the most difficult conditions in infield maintenance, the compacted sub-surface. Your infields are always in great condition when the first game of the seasons played. But after rain, games, and the wear and tear off hundreds of ball players, the sub-surface becomes hard as a rock. And the problem is that it’s not even consistently hard. The infield is so compacted and hard that balls bounce in all directions and bounce hot. No one wants to see a player get hit in the face because the ball doesn’t bounce true. So all ground keepers want to relieve this compaction at least once or twice a year. But how do you do it without tearing up the infield and having to get a laser box out and put it back to grade? The ABI patent pending profile blade attachment is the way.

For light renovation, the profile blades will renovate your ballfield by slicing through the profile of your infield at any desired depth between a half an inch to three inches. This depth depends on the structure of your soil layers. These blades will slice through the subsurface without displacing the material. They simply lift and release the infield skin without pushing it around like attachments that have rippers or loosening teeth.

These other attachments will change the grade of your infield and will require a skilled operator with specific equipment to set it back to grade. The profile blades effectively loosen a compacted infield, allowing air and moisture to get back into the mix. Now when you reset the infield, it will be as firm as needed while still having a slight cushion and perfectly consistent depth. By using the Profile blades and the VibraFlex attachments to lightly renovate, you can now decompact and reset your infield in just a few hours.

There’s an additional benefit to the profile blades, in that they will cut weeds and grass at the root level to remove creeping grasses from infields and warning tracks, as well as remove lip buildup along the outfield edge.

Earlier I made a big deal out of the stabilizing wheels giving you control of the ground engaging attachments. Well, not only do the stabilizing wheels give you control, but the Infield Rascal Pro has an adjustable turnbuckle at the top of the frame that lets you adjust the angle in which the attachment makes contact with the ground. This is critical because there may be times and conditions when you want the Rascal attachments to pitch forward or backward for a more aggressive or passive contact with your infield. This adjustment also makes the variance in hitch heights of multiple tow vehicles a non-issue, as with so many of our competitors.

Now, finally on the back of the tube of the Infield Rascal Pro are two quick-attach connectors and these i-bolts enable the quick and easy connection of all the finishing attachments. When you want to transport your Infield Rascal pro from place to place, simply lift the finishing attachment off the ground and set it on the included attachment carrier.

Now that I’ve walked you through the details of the Infield Rascal Pro, let’s look at all the attachments available to this revolutionary infield groomer.

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