IR PRO – Chapter 6 – VibraFlex

You will notice that on this display stand are all of the ABI ground engaging attachments. Not all of them will work on all the Infield Rascals. So it’s important for you to know which ones will and which ones won’t work for the rascal that you are most interested in. All of these attachments are available for the MVP. However, the Pro cannot use the scarifiers and the Rookie cannot use the scarifiers or the profile blades.

The first attachment is the VibraFlex drags. And one of these two models comes standard with the Infield Rascal Pro. As I mentioned earlier, when designing the VibraFlex drags ABI spent a lot of time picking the brain of the industry’s leading expert in infield materials, Grant McKnight. Grant’s the one that taught us that one of the many weaknesses of the traditional nail board is that there is no finesse to it. It does what it does no matter what you really want it to do. You can’t control it, and depending on the conditions of the infield, it might do nothing but bounce on top, or it might dig in so deep that it makes the infield unlevel.

So ABI developed the VibraFlex drags to give as much finesse as possible and yet be aggressive when needed. And here’s how we did it. We have designed two different VibraFlex frames. The 5800 and 3800. These numbers refer to the amount of evenly staggered u-pins.

The 5800 should be used in a more professional, high clay content infield where the skin plays really firm and the materials do not move around much at all. In this example, you would want to use the 1/8 inch pins so that they literally dance across the surface, shattering the surface tension at less than a quarter inch in depth. That’s all the depth you really need to properly groom an infield with a higher clay content. It’s with the 1/8th inch you pens that you will get the most flex and vibration. You can swap out the one eighth inch u-pins for the quarter inch pins, if you want a more aggressive loosening action at different times in the season. Just remember that with the 5800 VibraFlex there is only a half an inch of spacing between u-pins.

More often than not, most of our customers will want the 3800 VibraFlex because for recreational and high school level infields where the silt and the sand content is higher, this model will work better. And here’s why. The 3800 has thirty eight u-pins, which creates a three quarter inch spacing, not the half inch spacing of the 5800. This allows more material to flow through the VibraFlex drag out the material building and plugging up.

The 3800 accepts a one quarter inch and the three eight inch u-pins and the quarter inch is what will most commonly be used for daily grooming. You will only want to use the three eight inch u-pins first thing in the Spring if you really want to open up the infield. Now, I will say that for many of the multi field complexes you might want both the 5800 and the 3800 VibraFlex drags as they can be swapped out in minutes, and we’ll give you great flexibility in maintaining your infields.

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