IR PRO – Chapter 7 – Drag Mats

At the bottom of this display stand is a combo piece, which is for display only and it’s made of the rigid drag mat and the coco mat. Both the rigid and coco mats are members of the quick swap finishing attachments for the Infield Rascal Pro. Both of these finishing attachments are six foot wide and come with an integrated leveling bar which consistently floats your infield material, keeping it level as it knocks down the high spots and fills in the low spots.

It’s made with a nearly indestructible tow bar and the steel mesh and the coco mat is designed to be replaced when worn out. When your infield material is dry, you will normally want to use the rigid drag mat, but when there’s a lot of moisture mud puddles on the field, you will definitely want to try out the coco mat.

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