Manure Spreading Without The Mess – ABI Dirt

Hey everyone, Matt Metzger here with ABI Attachments. Welcome back to another episode of ABI Dirt. As the seasons start to change, a lot of you may be thinking about what we’re thinking about here at ABI, and that’s poop, right? If you’ve got livestock or animals or horses on your property, as the season starts to change you know it’s time to work through that manure management process, get that compost pile spread out all over the pasture.

To help you do that, we’ve got an option on our Classic Manure Spreader line that gives you the ability to get a really fantastic spread, and that is our fines pan. Today we want to take a closer look at this little option on the back end of the spreaders that give you the ability to get a great spread and take great care of your pastures with that manure pile you’ve got. Let’s go take a closer.

Here we are at the back end of our 50-Cubic Foot Classic Ground Drive Manure Spreader. Now you can see here, we’ve got our widespread panels here, the inline shredder bars that comes standard on all of our ABI manure spreaders are hiding inside of the bed here. What we’re focusing on is this fines litter pan that sits back here at the tail end of the bed and rides up high and pivots right here.

We’ve got it positioned so that it’s sitting at the back end of that bed so that any fine, small material that’s rolling back through gets caught on that pan. And then the motion of the manure spreading, because of these widespread panels, pulls it all up and kicks it back out. That prevents any of your little stuff that’s in there, the dry stuff, the sawdust, the small particles, from just rolling right out the back end and just kind of leaving this thick, flat trail of manure in your pasture.

We want it to be spread out. We want that rooster tail, right? That’s why we’ve got this option here. If you don’t add this option on, your tiny little particles of manure are going to spill right out the back end and you’re not making the most of it. Remember, manure is fertilizer. It is valuable. It is precious material that you want to grow healthier soil.

We’ve got this fine spreader here. You know the purpose behind it. When it comes to actually cleaning things out then, you see this lever here, what we do is pull that lever, that pan drops all the way out. That means that now you can clean out the pan and clean out the bed. Or if you’re packing away your manure spreader at the end of the year and you want to clean that bed out all the way, this is a great way to let that pan drop, clean out the rest of your spreader. You’ve got a completely clean bed on the inside. Once you’ve got the bed all cleaned out, you’ve rinsed everything out, if you’re putting it away for the season, grab that pan and pull it right back up in place. That’s the fines pan.

That’s all I’ve got today everyone. I hope that was some helpful information on how a little option on the back end of that spreader can make such a big difference taking care of your pastures, making sure you get a great spread, and really helping to get that work done and clearing out that compost pile. Until next time, take care.