The combined features of the Mini SR M3 model create a complete solution to traditional hand labor and easily does the work of a power rake, box blade, and land plane with much better results. The core of the Mini SR platform is the patented combination of tough cast scarifier teeth and hardened steel finish rake.

The Scarifiers loosen the ground from 1 to 5 inches deep with adjustable depth control, giving the Mini SR the teeth for tough work in tight spots. These durable cast teeth penetrate the hardest of conditions, making soil decompaction and gravel work easy while maintaining a light footprint.

The hardened steel finish rake is three quarters of an inch thick and set at the optimal angle to the scarifiers, providing a second wave of loosening, pulverising and finishing. Push or pull to loosen, rake, grub, push and backfill against foundations and landscape features.

The stabilizing wheels gage working depth. This gives operators a controlled dig and keeps the tool consistently engaged with the ground. So you can always trust the Mini SR, even in the tightest of spaces. The steel leveling blade of the M3 model adds the ability to grade, level, and contour, giving a small machine big capability.

The leveling blade floats to equalize high and low areas, creating even grades and contours or the blade can be locked down to work more like a box blade. The rock teeth are hinged to collect rocks and debris when moving backward.

This is an easy to use feature that makes a big difference in earthmoving power.