Hi everyone. Matt Metzger ABI Attachments. I am on my way back to our local St. Joe County 4-H Fairgrounds today. We have got a special guest in town E.J. Allison is around with us today. He’s taking a look at some of the products we’ve got in our pipeline. We will get some time with E.J. and talk straight with him for a little bit to see how he’s doing this summer see what he’s up to. So sit tight. We’ll be with E.J. in just a moment.

E.J. how you doing today?

Yeah I’m good now. Pleasure seeing you.

I’m glad you’re up here with us.

I’m glad to be here.

Now, you’re a popular guy. You’re all over country all year long. Why don’t you give us a little insight. Why were you brought up here to our little corner of Indiana today to spend some time with us.

Well I came up here to talk and discuss where we’re kind of going with some of the drags and some ideas on some new design to them get some tweaks to them to make them like anything else they’re always working on things to make them better.

Without revealing anything. How are you feeling about the demos that you just got to be a part of.

Now. I’m like, not just the demos. But the thought process of where we want to go with this and the changes we want to make. To improve those things. So it’s not just seeing it work, but the ideas behind it. The machinery that we have now the equipment is fantastic. If we quit growing and we quit trying to make improvements. We fall behind. And then somebody will overtake it. So we’re always looking for ways to improve what is already as far as I’m concerned. And many other people. Around the world. The greatest pieces of equipment that are out there right now.

So, I mean you’ve been working with Arena footing for a long time. There is such a wide array of opinions on. The best way. To groom an arena or the best type of equipment to use to groom an arena. I mean we’ve got we still talk to people on a regular basis that they’re still using a bed spring with a cinder block on it. Why is it worth it to invest a little bit more into a drag to take care of an arena that maybe they only ride in once or twice.

The health of your horse. Footing is everything. To take care of your horses joints muscles. Everything about them works as one unit. The problem that we have in our industry like any business is. Economy. So you’ll find that people as you said using a bed spring with some rocks on it. Maybe they really can’t afford. A drag. Yeah. They can’t afford to go get a tractor they’re pulling that with their four wheeler that’s going to happen in our industry. Money dictates what people can afford. Okay I can afford a fifteen hundred dollar horse. I got fifteen hundred dollars spent that horse. You can afford that horse. Yeah. You. Spent fifteen hundred dollars on it. But you better have a thousand dollars a month to keep it. A place to put him at, feed, hay, farrier. So now you tell them you got to buy a drag. And depending on… they’re going, “What? For why?” I’m going to ride him out my back field.

Because we get that a lot. When someone says I’ve already put so much money into my horse. Why do I have to spend so much money on a drag?

Well. How much money did you spend on your bet with your vet?

There you go. Yeah.

We could have prevented most of that. Not always. But a lot of it, OK.

Talk to me about a go to tool. I mean you’re really familiar with our products. What is the go to tool for someone who maybe has only ever used a bed spring maybe maybe they’ve just now getting into this. “E.J. I don’t want to break the bank. I don’t. I’m not a professional but. But I want something that like you said is going to care for the health of the animal that I love. What’s your go to option?”.

The TR3 E-Series.

Yes. Why.

It’s a middle of the road price range. It gives you every thing you need on that drag to do anything you need from pleasure horses, to reiners, to cutters. But price wise. It’s in the middle of that road. It could be affordable. And if you have an outside arena like that’s what’s behind us. Where you’re relying on Mother Nature to get it wet. You can still afford to get a water wagon.

Yes. Yes.

Right. And you put the combination of a large drag master together in two machines that you can pull with. Smaller equipment which is less expensive for you to have. And get the same results at a quarter to a third of the price of buying a big machine that a larger facility would need.

Yep. Well, E.J. I really appreciate your time today.

Thank you again for having me here.

Goodbye folks.