Welcome to the Rascal Pro from ABI Attachments Australia.

If you own horses or property and an ATV or small tractor, you will soon discover the Rascal Pro is the premier solution for properly grooming horse arenas, grading gravel driveways and lots, preparing seabeds for installing lawn and pasture grasses, conditioning trails for bikes, horses and ATVs, aerating and dragging manure in pastures, and maintaining baseball and softball infield skins.

The Rascal Pros versatility is made possible by the multiple tools in one design. It offers the level of precision and control required to properly groom the most expensive riding arena surfaces. Yet with a few adjustments, it also provides the power and aggressiveness to completely renovate a driveway riddled with potholes.

One tool really does do it all. Innovation, not imitation. Innovation is a cornerstone principle of the Rascal Pros patented design. With thousands of satisfied customers, including international horse trainers and competitors, the Rascal Pro is the world’s leading professional ATV drag, with ABI attachments being the originator of the design. So let’s take a closer look at this innovative and patented attachment.

The Rascal Pro is designed with and easy to connect drop hitch, a patented wheel lift system for easy transport and control of working depth, huge flotation tires that stabilize the drag and loose material and aid and transport across nearly any terrain, adjustable patent pending profile blades for gentle precision and horse arenas, adjustable ripping teeth for aggressive power on hard pan surfaces, and adjustable finishing rake that evenly smooths the surface, leaving a beautiful signature finish behind. This rake additionally, pivot’s 90 degrees to become a grader bar for renovating arenas and driveways.

The Rascal Pro also offers four options. Using an electric actuator or with a convenient remote, the operator can easily control the Rascal Pros wheel lift system on the fly from the seat of the tow vehicle. This option saves time and is vital for grading, driveway maintenance, and arena renovation work.

In a horse arena, the rail blade makes quick work of pulling built up, footing material away from the rail or wall, saving an enormous amount of time and labor. The weight rack enables the attachment of up to 40 pound tractor weights in the rare event that the Rascal Pro needs more weight to penetrate hardpan ground.

A dragnet is ideal to smooth and firm any loosened surface. These standard features and options combine to create the most versatile ATV and small tractor attachment ever created. The Rascal Pro.

If you own a riding arena, establishing a proper maintenance program is essential to reduce soundness related injuries in the horse, lower vet bills, increase rider safety, and increase horse responsiveness and performance.

It is no longer acceptable to ask more from our horses and not do everything we can to protect them in the arena. Attempting to maintain an arena with homemade contraptions, lightweight time drags, or outdated technology may create a smooth looking top surface, but it actually covers over hidden dangers below the surface. The Rascal Pro is designed to enable ATV and small tractor operators to remove these hidden dangers below the surface and ensure a maintenance program that yields positive results. This is all possible due to the innovative base-safe profile blade technology that was invented by ABI Attachments. This technology is a radical shift in the way horse arenas are maintained. Instead of using traditional teeth or tines, profile blade technology incorporates a subsurface cutting blade and stabilizing wheels for the purpose of conditioning 100 percent of the profile, both width and depth of the arena footing on every pass.

The stabilizing wheels hold the sub-surface blade at a consistent depth, while the profile blades slice through the footing material, removing dangerous footing compaction layers above the base.

The large flotation wheels, patented wheel lift system and optional electric actuator make the Rascal Pro incredibly easy to use. And the best part, you never need to struggle with a three-point tracker again.

For certain hardpan, types of footing that have a lot of clay or stone finds it may be necessary to temporarily replace the Rascal Pros profile blades with the standard ripping teeth. These teeth will break up the hardest footing, and once the compacted footing is loose, simply remove the ripping teeth and put back the profile blades. The last point of contact with the ground is the pattented and pivoting finish rake. The finish rake of the Rascal Pro, offers the same signature finish to an arena as the famous TR3 rake. This rake pulverizes clumps of footing, leaving a beautiful finish behind.

The uniqueness of the rake on the Rascal Pro is that this rate quickly pivots and turns into a grading bar. The Rascal Pro is the only pull behind drag that can move large amounts of material to not only maintain an arena, but also renovate one.

With the ripper teeth installed, the Rascal Pro becomes an amazingly aggressive gravel maintenance tool capable of removing potholes from driveways, even repairing large scale washouts. To effectively remove potholes, the Rascal Pro is capable of ripping into compacted gravel all the way to the bottom of the pothole, removing the entire compacted sidewalk.

Many gravel roads have a stone dust base that should not be disturbed by the loosening teeth. This means that the Rascal Pros stabilizing gage wheels are imperative to get to the bottom of the pothole without going too deep.

This was a dangerous riding trail where horses could easily turn or break an ankle. Let’s see how the Rascal Pro handled the situation.

And here is a badly washed out parking lot at the Georgia International Horse Park. These ruts are 12 to 16 inches deep, and this job represents what we would call a worst case scenario.

If the Rascal Pro can handle this situation, it can handle any situation. Remember, in addition to horse arena and gravel maintenance, the Rascal Pro excels at many other jobs as well, such as preparing seed beds for installing lawn and pasture grasses, conditioning trails for bikes, horses and ATVs, aerating and dragging manure in pastures, and maintaining baseball and softball infield skins.

To find out more about the Rascal Pro, visit our website at, or call an equipment specialists now at 1-800-609-669. And learn how you can buy a rascal pro of your very own.