If you own a riding arena, establishing a proper maintenance program is essential to reduce soundness related injuries in the horse, lower vet bills, increase rider safety and increase horse responsiveness and performance.

It is no longer acceptable to ask more from our horses and not do everything we can to protect them in the arena. Attempting to maintain an arena with homemade contraptions, lightweight tine drags, or outdated technology may create a smooth looking top surface, but it actually covers over hidden dangers below the surface.

The Rascal Pro is designed to enable ATV and small tractor operators to remove these hidden dangers below the surface and ensure a maintenance program that yields positive results. This is all possible due to the innovative base-safe profile blade technology that was invented by ABI Attachments. This technology is a radical shift in the way horse arenas are maintained. Instead of using traditional teeth or tines profile blade technology incorporates a sub-surface cutting blade and stabilizing wheels for the purpose of conditioning 100 percent of the profile, both width and depth of the arena footing on every pass.

The stabilizing wheels hold the sub-surface blade at a consistent depth. While the profile blade slice through the footing material removing dangerous footing compaction layers above the base.

The large flotation wheels, patented wheel lift system and optional electric actuator make the Rascal Pro incredibly easy to use. And the best part, you never need to struggle with a 3-point tractor again.

For certain hard pack types of footing that have a lot of clay or stone finds it may be necessary to temporarily replace the Rascal Pro’s profile blades with the standard ripping teeth. These teeth will break up the hardest footing and once the compacted footing is loose, simply remove the ripping teeth and put back the profile blades.

The last point of contact with the ground is the pattented and pivoting Finish rake, the Finish rake of the Rascal Pro offers the same signature finish to an arena as the famous TR3 rake. This rake pulverizes clumps of footing, leaving a beautiful finish behind.

The uniqueness of the rake on the Rascal Pro is that this rake quickly pivots and turns into a grading bar. The Rascal Pro is the only pull behind drag that can move large amounts of material to not only maintain our arena, but also renovate one.