Welcome to the Arena Rascal Pro, the original, it’s often copied but never equaled. Weighing between about 150 and 170 kilos, depending on which of the full models you select. You are buying a tool, not a toy. Arena rakes are earthmoving implements. They need to be built rugged and have to be able to take a pounding. The Rascal Pro a lot like ABI equipment is a multi-tool. There is no point in spending good money on an arena rake that spends most of it’s life in the shed. With the Rascal Pro, you can rake your arena, harrow your paddocks, clean your roads up, put firebreaks in, prepare seedbeds, even rip a rabbit warren. This tool will live most of its life on the back of your ATV or your quad bike. The Rascal Pro is very simple to use. It’s got three points of adjustment with a very short learning curve. When it arrives to you, it is all but assembled. Just a few pins in place and you’re ready to go.

There’s a couple of accessory options that you might like to look at. The actuator replaces the manual driven ram here so that you can operate from the cab of your ATV or your quad bike electronically. Also, we have a rail blade application, which is an extension from about this point here. It will take the sand off the edge of your arena and put it back into work.

ABI have taken the Rascal Pro to another step. They’ve just released a three point adaption implement, which will allow you to put the Rascal Pro on your three point set up on your tractor.

For further in-depth look at the Rascal Pro and all its options and all of its abilities, headquarters in the USA put together a few comprehensive videos. Very short, informative videos that will tell you everything you need to know to select the right tool for your purposes.

If you have already joined the ABI ranks and have purchased your tool, and want to talk to us about it further, or find some suggestions on what else you can do with it. You can always go to the website, or you can call us at 1-800-609-669. For further technical information, you can always go to the support button on the left hand side of our webpage. Click on this selector tool, and it’ll have all the information you need to get going.