We’re going to discuss the rear pivot lift system on the back of the ABI Force Z23. This is an all new hitch design pretty much starting from scratch here on the back of the ABI Force. We’re going to talk about some of the connection points here as well.

So it does pin in to this tongue on the back. That is new on the new Z23. it is a simple bent pin and linchpin to connect it. It includes a double knuckle joint here for the pivoting action, we get side to side, but as well as the lift action to be able to get your ground clearance when transporting from field to field.

The nice part about the system as well is when you lift off, the front of the attachment actually comes off first, so you can take your attachments off the field as you go field field. As far as connection goes, to the mid-hydraulic, optional hydraulics system in the middle. It’s going to be a couple of snap rings here where which is going to give you your lifting ability.

When in use, we recommend having this hydraulic ram all the way extended to allow for the most utmost travel from side to side on your rear attachment.

One of the huge benefits for the customers is fact that this now can rotate and articulate, to allow for the inside tire to be covered when in operation. This allows for doing great work around the cutouts, around home plate areas, to places where you have really tight radiuses. The attachment will now kind of swivel and hang with you as opposed to becoming rigid and creating a little sweep.

Each implement will come with its own top link and you’ll have a pin that will be able to block that end. You can then adjust out each top link pending your conditions on each attachment. Each attachment will also connect with two little hooks as well here. Two little pins will actually link in, kind of give you a dog ear. There’s a little bit of sway in it, so it makes it easy for a connection.

Very excited about the new rear pivoting system. It should definitely show improvement on your dragging process and really give you the nice fine finish you’re looking for in all of your finish attachments.

Thank you for watching. If you’d like to learn more about the ABI force in the rear attachments, please visit our website.