Here we’ve got the ABI VibraFlex 3500R off the back of the ABI Force Z23. VibraFlex allows you to be able to do a light nail drag, pre and post game or early in the morning to open up your fields to allow to drop some of the moisture from the night prior to.

We’ve got the quarter-inch gold pins as a break now, but we also offer an eighth inch silver pin for just a lighter tickle off the back. This is a gravity fed system here, so it’s all just going to be based off the weight of the VibraFlex chassis itself is you notice it’s a little bit different than the mid-mount VibraFlex because it has a single row. We’ve also got a six foot reach on that as opposed to the five a half which is underbelly. What that six foot reach does is allows you to cover your tire marks when you’re doing your tight turns on your cutouts and around home plate.

We’ve also got the ability to adjust the pitch on it as well, so if you want to be a little more aggressive, you can pitch those nails a little bit backward, to have those pull into the ground a little bit more. Great when you’re doing the laser grading and you can actually loosen the material prior to grading over it with your box to be able to get your box done the next pass on on your laser grader.

We’ve also got a very easy quick to connect and quick to change option here for these pins. There are four bolts along the top of that, on top this cap. As you unbolt those, the pins will then show themselves off the top of it, allow you to scoop those out in then be able to change them out individually if you get any bends or any breaks that might occur over longevity of the use.

So, again, a very versatile piece of equipment. Again, great for our early morning drags to allow the infield to dry out, the infield surface to dry a little bit, but also grateful for eliminating any cleat marks, any undulations that might happen during game, and is a great post-game drag as well.

Thank you for watching. If you’d like to learn more about the ABI Force and the rear attachments, please visit our website.